Public Sex can’t get much hotter than on the dance floor with a hot Stranger

Public sex never felt so good. I strayed away from my normal routine this past weekend, My Regular fuck buddy was supposed to visit me, but sadly, something came up on his end with his wife and we were unable to visit (*sighs* the troubles of fucking a married man). Friday nights are usually the pool room or bar for me, and recently the strip club where I’m a feature girl every once in a while.

I could NOT Stay home. So a disappointed me, got all dolled up, in my fucking hottest outfit. *smiles* Short jean skirt, with a black glittery low cut top, underneath a baby doll pink bra, and matching panties, that laced up over my clit, tied right above..and wide holed fishnets, with 5 inch Spiked black heels ( foot fetish lovers would have considered this pure Shoe-icide), my hair was wild and curly, free-flowing down my back, I felt so sexy in this outfit!

I knew I wouldn’t just turn heads tonight, I intended on breaking necks *grins*

So I went out with a few of my close girlfriends, to a dance club, with a lot of different music and themed nights, something totally different for me. I started drinking, just a beer, and it had a lemon YUM! Suddenly, this dude at the end of the bar bought a fru fru frilly drink & sent it over. I’m a whiskey & shine kinda girl. He was HOT though, so I didn’t want to be rude. I thanked him and carried on with my girlfriends.

We danced, To some music I have never heard before, to me it sounded techno, but Later I was informed, it was called dubstep.. it did have a nice beat, well *smiles* I dance as I fuck, I’m sure you can picture, and I feel someone pushing up against me on the dance floor. Some would say it’s like I’m having public sex! I don’t care what they think, I do what feels good.!

I turned my head, so I could see His face, and I only saw a glimpse, because it all went black, and the strobe light kicked on. All I could feel was him pushing against me I was facing away from him. This mysterious man was grinding into my backside, his hands on my ribs, my hands going back and around his neck, we fit nicely together, our bodies like puzzle pieces, as we started in the same rhythm as the music.

Our bodies worked together like a well-oiled machine…

Grabbing my hips, and pulled me onto his now hardening cock, and whispered in my ear “Dance for me”. I was totally overwhelmed and getting hotter by the second. I began rubbing back against him, against this strange man… pushing my ass against his bulging crotch, and dry fucking him right there on the dance floor. He tightened his hands on my hips, letting out little moans as I rode him through the beat, the bass in the music almost driving my hips. We were close, I could feel his breath quickening HOT and wanting against my neck.

My hot little mini began riding up but I didn’t stop. My thighs were wet, and I was so fucking hot for this man. A man that I had never met before, all from his one simple request….

“Dance for me”

I ran my hands behind me and gripped his cock, tightening my hand around him His moan was guttural and I gushed. He leaned into my ear and said: ” You’re going to make me cum”. I replied by squeezing even firmer this time. Apparently, He didn’t know, that was my intention. I pulled his hand, placing it on my soaked panties. My hand gripped him again, before pushing my ass back onto him. This sexy stranger pulled me tight to him and moaned soooo sweetly in my ear. I felt every muscle clench in his body, I felt his hard cock release, and quiver as he came while I danced for him. I loved dancing for him, this was the 1st of many sexy stripteases with this sexy mysterious man.

SEX just oozed from both of us, we wanted each other badly.

Stepping outside the box is very nice sometimes…. indeed. Stepping out of my normal route got me right into some of the hottest public sex I have ever had.

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