Anonymous, public sex is one of my biggest turn-ons… and Halloween always seems to be the perfect time of year to do it!

Halloween is my favorite holiday for the opportunities to have anonymous public sex. Hands down. Being a kinky freak with a slight goth side, I like to joke that it’s my Christmas. It’s the one holiday I get in a festive mood for; I love all the scary movies, autumnal food and drinks, going to parties and bonding with my friends. Not to mention, Halloween is in Scorpio! Just like me!

Halloween gives me the excuse to wear whatever sexy, scantily clad outfit I please. When I go to a party I get my typical dom gear on a black corset, black skin-tight shorts, black thigh high stockings, black nail polish and sexy stiletto heels. I also put on a small black mask as well as some cat ears… you wanna fuck my kitty? 😛

The mask gives me a freedom that I love.

I walk into an adult Halloween party and see a room full of people I may or may not know, all dressed in their costumes and ready to have some fun. Last year I met a guy dressed as a construction worker. Sure, his costume wasn’t the most creative, but he looked damn good in that tool belt. As soon as we started making out on the dance floor, I could feel my booty shorts get soaking wet. He pushed me up against the wall and I reached down to grab his cock. I turned around and pressed my ass into his dick and told him to fuck me. He pulled my shorts down just far enough to play with my pussy and slip his dick in… he fucked me until I came right there in front of a group of people who were watching.

I never got his name and he never saw my entire face. It made the entire situation THAT MUCH hotter. I loved that other people were enjoying it too. I noticed at least two other couples begin to make out and get dirty on the dance floor after seeing us bang it out.

What do you like about Halloween? Have you ever fucked at a Halloween party before?

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