“Don’t ruin your friend’s wedding!” I hear you cry as you open my tale of public revenge sex. 

But let me share with you a secret in this public revenge sex tale. Amy and I were no longer friends. 

After high school, Amy told everyone about her new fiance, Steve. They’d been dating for 3 years, and she couldn’t wait to marry him. She asked me to be the maid of honor, and I agreed. But after three weeks, she broke it off with Steve. Instead, she confessed she’d been seeing a new man– my current boyfriend, Mark. 

To keep things short, she got Mark, ruined our friendship, and Steve and I had hate sex together. Sometimes, Steve and I hated each other, sometimes we hated Mark, but mostly, we hated Amy.

So when Amy told us she and Mark were going to get married 6 months later, we scoffed. When she invited us to “repair our friendships”, we laughed. And when she then asked us to be in the wedding party, we schemed.

However, we decided that public revenge sex was the best way to get back at our bratty bitch babe of a friend. 

The Video

There’s a glorious video a mutual friend took of our public revenge sex. The video starts with the perspective of the audience. Already there are whispers about how Amy stole this one and lost Steve, or the audacity of Amy to ask both of us to be in the party. 

When Steve escorts me down the walkway, the whispers intensify. 

And then the recordings start.

“Fuck, Harder!” my voice cries out from somewhere in the church. A hidden room, maybe. The audience frowns and gasps, looking around, knowing it’s my voice. The DJ frowns, trying to play the music a little louder to cover it. He has a pre-set CD to play, all arranged by Amy and her bridesmaids for a perfect day. We keep walking down the aisle, but the recorded moans don’t stop.

So when Amy comes down the aisle, she takes two steps. Then she stops. The reason is, the music doesn’t drown out the recordings now. Instead, with so many recorders playing, it sounds like an orgy in the church. Amy fumes and her face is red. However, she soldiers on and takes a few more steps down the aisle.

Then, through the very turned up speakers, the presentation music cuts out and is replaced by our fucking. Steve’s length is compared favorably against Mark’s. My recorded moans repeat, again and again, while Amy walks down the aisle. Most of the audience members laugh, though her mother does look horrified. 

Amy angrily stands in front of the altar, where Steve and I wear big grins. During the ceremony, we ignore her to make sexy gestures at each other, and I even flash him a boob. Someone loses it and laughs like a hyena. 

The Vows

In the video, the men are craning to get a look at if I’ll flash a boob again or not.

Mark has a look on his face of shame and embarrassment and acceptance. He knows he’s about to go down, but he tries to look back at Amy. However, this doesn’t work– his eyes slide back to me. Eventually, his eyes settle on a statue of Jesus, which is probably who he needs most at the moment. 

The staff turn off the recordings one by one during the ceremony. However, for each they silence, another takes its place. As she’s asked if there’s anyone who is against this wedding, Amy loses it. She snaps over at me and then at Steve. “Well?” She shouts. 

The recordings, the audience, and the wedding party go silent. Even the pastor, who keeps looking at my chest rather than the bible he’s supposed to be reading from, looks ashen. 

“Oh, no, Amy. You two deserve each other,” I say, cooly. “After all, you’ve been together, what, a year?” 

“A little longer.” Steve clarifies her cheating ways for the audience. 

“You’re perfect for each other,” I say. “Come on, Steve. Let’s get your cock in me.” 

There are a few gasps and Amy goes red, throwing a fit. The camera moves to me rather than her, though.

I slip my undies off my hips, dress still on, and sashay out of the aisle. Where everyone seemed embarrassed for Amy, they are enraptured by my walking. Steve follows, obediently, and the guests know what happens next. 

Some of them actually leave the ceremony to watch.

The Cake

There’s a kitchen downstairs, where Amy planned on hosting a cheap reception. The cake, twice as expensive as the catering, was a seven-tiered cake with lots of flowers. I don’t remember much about it, because the only pastry I cared about at the time was my muffin.

Steve threw me onto the presentation table, back first, right next to the cake. Our following gathered, watching as he slipped inside me. Finally, they had a first-row seat to how we actually fucked. No more would they need to listen to it from hidden passages. 

Steve rammed into my sweet pussy, and I didn’t hold back my cries or my filthy mouth. I told him to fuck my cunt harder, deeper. At one point, I grabbed his hair to force him down against my mouth. 

At that, he flipped me over, and right into the cake. As he fucked me, my face and breasts hit that wedding cake, smearing the frosting all over. When Steve plunged into me, my breasts swung so hard the frosting stuck to them, and then flew off. Plus, underneath my body heat part of the cake began to melt. 

But, neither Steve nor I wanted to stop our public revenge sex. Instead, the crowd made us both all the hotter. Let everyone see our public revenge sex; they knew exactly how we felt.

And as I came on Steve’s cock and as he came in my pussy, I think of the words of a different pastor there. He’d come down to tell us to leave but ended up watching us, a chub in his trousers. 

“Hot damn.” 


Maybe you’d like your own humiliation phone sex? Then call! 

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