This bratty bitch babe acquired her daddy through fetlife.

When I asked Daddy what he meant by bratty bitch babe, he explained he wanted an adult brat. He did not want a baby girl, but rather an adult woman who acted brattily. So, I thought I’d try it out. I contacted him for the challenge of conquering a dom, and I wanted to train him around like a puppy. 

But my Daddy was nothing like that. Soon, he showed me that he was the one in charge, and all my bratty ways wouldn’t stand up against him. So he and I had a few battles of will, but in the end, he was victorious. This is a story about one of those times. 

Daddy Working

Much like the other ladies I work with, I love being the center of attention. So when my daddy dom told me to visit him at work, I thought he wanted to focus on me for his lunch break. I hoped I’d get a little office worker domination from his invitation. However, once I came into his office, it became clear I wasn’t at all on his mind. 

“Oh, sorry, baby girl. I got a couple of things I need to do before lunch.” 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the way my daddy works hard. I love him coming home tired and giving him enough comfort to sleep soundly. But at that moment, I needed to become the center of his world.

So, I stalked over to his desk, waited a moment for him to look up at me, and when he didn’t, I pushed the documents on his desk over to the side and onto the floor. When he looked up, I smiled and sat on his desk with my legs spread wide. 

“My time is precious.” I frowned at him.

“So is mine,” he growled, but I could see his lips smile just a little. He knew what I was aiming for. 

Sitting On His Desk

With my ass firmly on the desk, Daddy reached up as if to kiss me. “That’s a good daddy,” I teased, my hands wrapping around his head. But then he pushed my head down, making me fall off the desk and into his lap. With his hands, he spun me around, stood up to pin me bent over his desk. One hand removed itself to undo his tie– in a few moments my hands were tied together, and he kept me there, unable to move. 

His firm hand squeezed my ass. “Naughty, bratty girls get punished,” he reminded me. “Even if you’re a bratty bitch babe, you don’t get to mess with anything on my desk.” 

“But you weren’t even–”

He silenced me with a slap. In response, my body jumped at the sensation of pain. My back arched and he smacked my other ass cheek. “Count. 30 slaps for your punishment.” 

The first swings were nothing, really. A few test slaps to see what my pain tolerance might be. Then, they became stronger, harder. I began swaying on my feet, unable to move my hands to protect my ass. Tears poured from my eyes as the pain on my ass continued to build. But not once did my daddy slow down. Without fail, he gave me the punishment I deserved, even after my ass was red and bruised, leaving me a quivering, sobbing mess in his office.

Post Spanking and Punishment

“That seemed to get you wet,” he teased me. I only whimpered, unwilling to say one way or the other. It wasn’t my place to ask for more sex. It was my place to do as my daddy told me. Hence, multiple spankings. 

“I suppose I should have canceled if I knew I’d be working through lunch,” he acquiesced. “So that’s on me, baby.” Then, his hand pat my back, soothing me. “So I’ll give you what you want.”

“P-please,” I hiccuped and opened my legs wide. Warm, thick hands made their way inside my folds before something thick and big forced its way inside. I gasped as he filled me, my hands gripping at nothing. 

“This is what I meant by a bratty bitch babe,” he laughed against me. His hips thrust into me, pounding away. “Getting yourself into such trouble!”

In the end, there was no choice but to take his cock inside me. Of course, I loved every moment.

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