My XXX-Rated Travels – A Scandalous Story of Public Airplane Sex

Public Airplane Sex – here’s another amazing story submitted by one of my favorite callers, Pastor Erik. Check out some of his past writing by reading his latest story, Religious Phone Sex With Pastor Turns into Kinky Threesome!

It was time for my denomination’s annual meeting. I had to go by myself yet again. I wasn’t really thrilled about the idea of being solo in North Carolina, but it wasn’t the first time that I’d had to travel alone. During one of our “counseling sessions”, I’d mentioned to Carmen how annoyed I was that my wife refused to spend the week with me. At that time, public airplane sex was far from my mind, but Carmen only grinned deviously at my irritation.

Instead, she came up with a reason to join me and blamed her work when her foolish ignorant husband asked about her upcoming trip.

Naturally, our seats were next to one another in the plane’s first-class cabin. We were well over on our third drink by the time the lights dimmed for takeoff. I lifted the armrest between us and placed my hand between Carmen’s thighs, sliding it up, pushing her loose skirt upwards. She turned toward me, pressing her lips to mine as she reached down and wrapped her hand around my semi-erect cock through my pants and began massaging it.

We kissed deeply, our tongues entangled and our breathing increasing. Carmen began trying to release my swelling cock from the confines of my pants. Just as she freed it and gave me a seductive look with a gleeful smile, I noticed the flight attendant making her way toward the back of the plane with the drink cart. With Carmen’s hand wrapped around my shaft, I grabbed my jacket and covered my lap. Carmen continued massaging my cock under the jacket as the flight attendant checked to see if we needed anything.

“I’ve got everything I need” Carmen moaned as she stroked my full length and licked her lips. 

The flight attendant could make out the movement under the jacket and flashed a glance toward Carmen. Her skirt was pushed up, revealing her red silk panties. Obviously, a lot more was going on than per norm. It was the flight attendant’s turn to lick her lips at the thought of engaging into public airplane sex.

She turned both ways and slid her hands over her breasts. Carmen pulled the jacket off of my lap, revealing my cock to the flight attendant. She put the cart between her and the front of the plane and knelt down next to me, wrapping her hand around my cock along with Carmen. With the outer arm rest up now, I reached down, sliding my hand up the flight attendant’s skirt. I find that she is wearing thigh highs and no panties. I slipped a finger inside her as my other hand moved closer to Carmen’s honey pot. Both ladies were stroking me and leaning in to nibble on my ears and kiss my neck.

I could only imagine what a sensational public airplane sex picture we were painting!

I turned back and forth, kissing each of them deeply. The flight attendant leaned down, taking my cock into her mouth. She took about half of me into her mouth and bobbed her head as Carmen continued to stroke. My hips started to rock and I could feel my orgasm pulsating in my cock. The flight attendant tightened her lips around my big mushroom head as multiple streams of cum flowed into her mouth. She swallowed every drop before leaning over me to kiss Carmen.

This public airplane sex session was more than I could have ever imagined.

While they kissed, I slid my hand back up the flight attendant’s skirt and buried two fingers inside her soaked pussy. She let out a moan and placed her hand on my chest for support as her legs began to shake. I pulled my fingers out and licked her juices off of them. She leaned in and kissed me before taking the cart back to the front of the plane, adjusting her skirt before she made her way past other passengers.

Needless to say, we left quite the mess on our seats. But I’m certain the flight attendant enjoyed cleaning all of our juices off of our seats!

To this day I wonder if she used any cleaning products at all…

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