A client that called the other day told me all about this incident with a nurse and how aroused he got. He’s been going to this alternative medical center that not only offers Western medicine, but alternative therapies as well. Some of the stuff going on there seemed a bit unorthodox for sure, but he’s a bit of a health nut and always looking for treatments and therapies to be at the best possible peak to his health and he’s tried out some pretty far out things he’s told me about.

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One of the things he’d read about that was supposed to be not only good for you but pleasurable is prostate milking. He told me how he got on the table and this pretty young nurse had him get up on all fours and she put on some gloves and lubed up her fingers and eased two of them in his ass. He said he felt embarrassed, but they both knew what was going to happen, so were prepared for it. His ass naturally tightened when she inserted her fingers, but she soon put him at ease and he relaxed.

He said her fingers knew just what to do, and even though he wasn’t used to anything anal, he just let go and leaned on his elbows and let her get to work. She rubbed his prostate and he said he quickly grew hard, even though his penis was not being touched. He grew very horny and quietly asked the nurse if she minded if he masturbated as she milked his prostate and she said it was fine, so he reached underneath and started to rub his already very hard cock and stroke himself while she had her fingers up his ass and was massaging his prostate. He pulled on his cock harder and harder as she explored his ass with her fingers and rubbed his prostate faster and faster and soon he shot his load of cum and she withdrew her fingers and helped him clean up.

She asked him some health questions, how often he ejaculated, if he ever used anal sex toys on himself or if that was an area of interest when he masturbated normally and he replied no, he just stuck with his cock. He said it was a very powerful type of sexual stimuli, and as he was telling me about it he had a prostate massager inside of himself that he’d bought shortly after this session that he found so pleasurable. He enjoyed rocking back and forth on it as he stroked his cock, like he was doing right now as we spoke. He’d never even tried anal toys before that visit to that clinic and now he was hooked on them.

I’d asked him when he first started calling if he was into anal stimulation and he said no, but this milking had left him craving more. He said his girlfriend wouldn’t understand and would think it was a gay thing to be fooling around with, so he hadn’t even told her about going for the prostate massage and milking, since he knew she’d never do that. Some guys really worry about anal play and it being associated with “being gay”, but it’s really not, but some are still not comfortable with it and avoid it. He had enjoyed himself enough he was going to book another appointment with the nurse for another prostate milking.

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