Sit in that chair and lube up your cock for me. Need some help making that dick good and slippery? Let me use my spit to make it nice and slick. Seeing you glide your hand up and down is making my nipples hard and my clit is starting to swell. My primal instincts are begging for your cock to penetrate my pussy.

I’m licking my lips and moving my hips. It’s hard to contain myself. I have tunnel vision and all I want is to feel you deep inside of me. I spread my legs slowly revealing my naked cunt. It looks sweeter than you thought. What are you going to do now that your greatest desire is right in front of you?

Your cock is dripping pre-cum now as you make your way over to me. Still jerking your cock, leaving drops of pre-cum on my thighs as your throbbing dick finds it’s way to my dripping cream spot. We’re are both in full arousal now. Our animalistic desires take over. You nudge the opening of my pussy with the tip of your cock. I moan as your balls release more sticky pre-cum on my pussy lips.

Your pulsating cock slips into my wet pussy and then our desires over take us. With each stroke of your cock inside of my pussy you feel my juicy walls swell around your aching cock.  Your balls slap against my asshole. My juices cover your cock completely as you plunge balls deep into my womb. My body is begging you to do it. Please cum inside of me and properly inseminate my fuck hole. Breed me baby. Thrust your dick as hard as you want. I’m screaming your name as you nibble my tits and fuck me harder.

Every molecule in your body is forcing you to go deeper into me. I can feel the veins in your cock bulging. Even if you wanted to stop you couldn’t. You brace yourself, holding down my hips. Forcing me to take your full strength. I’m screaming louder now as you fuck me and call me your slut! You finally feel the edge of your cum entering your cock. “Fuck me baby. FILL MY PUSSY WITH YOUR SEED!”

The gush of your semen fills me to the brim. You press your cock deep inside of me as you throb, jerk and pump every drop into me.  You own me now. I’m yours forever. Kiss my soft lips before you insert your dripping cock into my mouth. Make me suck out the last drops.

We both want it and we both need it. Let’s cum together…



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