Uh-oh! Pregnant Sex Stories can be a wonderfully, sexy surprise.  But, just imagine what happens if you fuck around and get yourself knocked up by his best friend?!?  Well, let me tell you a story of woe that’ll turn the tables on everything you know!  So, who says 3 can’t share a flat for the summer?  They can… but, challenges WILL ensue!

So, David (my boyfriend) and Jean-Marc have been best friends since high school and they shared everything.  However, the one thing I don’t think Davey ever eXXXpected to share, was me!  Jean-Marc and I had been sharing some stolen moments and I’d even let him hit it unwrapped! Well, that wasn’t the brightest moment!

We’d even done it in my and Dave’s bed; and once in the kitchen while Jean-Marc made dinner for the 3 of us.  Dave was outside working on his car.  Hey!  Don’t judge me!  I’m a-work-in-progress!  I don’t even know if the dick was even better; rather, it was the titillation of “sneaking” around that made us BOTH horny dogs in heat.  My love for Dave is secure, so he needn’t worry about that.  However, a person (man, OR woman) needs to spice things up at times.  Am I right?  I mean, tingling in your toes, burning desire to FUCK HARD and DEEP!  I felt that with Jean-Marc.

Cheating Sex Stories will continue.

Everything was fine until the morning I woke up to the smell of Dave’s cologne and it sent me running to the bathroom.  I emptied my guts and had to call in sick, which is something I never do!  A week and six pregnancy tests later showed why.  So, imagine my chagrin when it was clear to me who’s baby it was.  I weighed all the possibilities of what would happen when I tried to tell Dave.  And though, I could play it all out in my head; I heard it all…  First came the yelling, threats and tears… And the truth was that all of that did happen but then, there was acceptance of my betrayal and FINALLY, rejoicing! Yes.  I said it!  Turns out, Dave accepted it!

There really was hurt and pain and arguing, but, yea…eventually, Dave really understood that it was just sex and that I needed MORE than he was giving me and ultimately, he was so fucking cool about it all!  He even wanted to raise the baby as his own.  My belly began to grow and I had two sexy men doting on me, tending to my every need.  Jean-Marc moved in and we’re now weeks away from the baby (and more!) CUMming. Tell you how it goes!

Looking for more lunch-break Pregnant Sex Stories? Maybe you’ve ever heard that phone sex porn is what gets me into all my trouble?  Do you think YOU can take me down like Dave did? Good luck with that, Babe!  LOL!