Cheating sex stories aren’t always the same.  For instance, I’m a paid mistress to my neighbor!  Although, I really detest the couple who live next door to my condo. Anytime I have sex, those idiots pound on the wall; complaining I’m too loud. Granted, it’s mostly her.   And lately, I’ve noticed her husband looking at me, making a point to be outside when I am. Finally, one day he stopped me in the hall & said, “Joey, I wonder if I could ask a favor?”

“What is it, Clay?” I responded.   No welcum to my voice.

“Well, I’ve got this party to go to and Sara, my wife can’t go. I was wondering if you would accompany me?”

Fear and hope filled his eyes and I don’t know why I said it, but… “If you can get your wife to quit banging on my walls every time I fuck, I’ll go.”  Our deal had been made.

The party was fun & Clay is a marvelous dancer.   Our conversation was deep, topical and entertaining. Finally, as we started home, the other shoe dropped.

“Joey, Sara is pissed because she can’t fuck anymore. In fact, it was her idea I ask you out tonight.”

“What do you mean, Clay?”

Time for Cheating Sex Stories…again!

“Well, Joey, I think by now you know I find you very attractive. Be my mistress.  I’ll payoff your condo & make sure Sara never bangs on your wall again while you’re doing your cheating sex stories on calls.”

So, there it was, everything I could wish for, & instead of answering, I leaned over and unzipped his pants. His cock, even flaccid was respectable.

“In view of what I was doing…I mumbled, Clay, we have a deal!” I said, licking his cum from my lips.  He had No idea that just last year, I was pregnant by a friend of my husband!  Since then, Dave’s been my total bitch and now, Jean-Marc had beCUM a relic of his old self. I guess babies can do that to you.  Moreover, when I say YOU… that’s eXXXactly what I mean.  I am too fucking sexy to be up all night with a screaming kid!  That’s why I still keep Dave around.  His cock isn’t the best, but he SURE IS a great cuck and babysitter.  I even use him as my fluffer to get other men ready to plunge this hot box!

Now, I get to fuck the bitch next door’s husband too and I also what I’ve been REALLY craving.  A good ass pounding!  I begged Clay to pound that sweet cock into my asshole; which he does so well.  And just wait until I share those Anal Sex Stories with you! What can I say?  Girls just wanna have fun!  So, having Clay leave me barely able to walk and having Jean-Marc do the same to my pussy just means that Dave gets the cleanup he craves.  It’s a win, win, WIN all around.  At least, for me!  A woman can’t have enough cuckold work done for her.