ANAL SEX STORIES don’t USUALLY get turned around on me, but, that was before my cuckold turned the tables on me!  Maybe you remember my blog about cumming to my man’s job and having to watch (in terror. GIGGLE!) him having to take orders from his boss while he fucked me, blah, blah…

First of all, he’d not once even openly objected to the continued behavior sparked that day.  The last thing I’d been prepped for when I came home yesterday, was a sexual-assault!  Especially, from Mr. Meek!  But, there he was all BDSM-mask-wearing at it’s finest!  At first, I didn’t even know who he was.  Then, I recognized his voice.

“Tim?  Is that YOU? What the fuck is going on here?  Let me UP!”

I wrestled under his weight, then I heard the door open again.  WTF?  Of course, in my right mind, I would have guessed it was his boss!

The Joke was on me with Anal Sex Today!

Together, they raped me anally as I watched the bossman seduce, then take my man!  Can I say I hated it? Not a chance.  But, did I let either of those fuckers know I loved it?   Yeah…not a chance in the WORLD!  Just the “squishy” sounds of all of our assholes as we took turns RE-CUCKING my man!  Oh! The sounds of his moans when he’s being subjugated by the REAL BOSS of this house!  Hey! He’s not CUMplaining about the treatment and I’m kind of thinking YOU might benefit from a little ASS TORTURE yourself!  CUM to me if you want it!

You know, if you’re a really good boy, I may give you the surprise of a bun in my over.  Afterall, what better way to further humiliate our little man than to see me pregnant by another man…who he also loves?  You can make my ripped, tight belly grow and grow with your baby-batter as the seed.  I just love being knocked up by everyone eXXXcept my own man.  Furthermore, don’t you agree it’s fair payment for sharing my man with his boss?

Pregnant Sex Stories ALWAYS have a wicked twist to them.  Do you crave watching another man fuck your girl?  Or maybe knocking your friend’s woman up?  Or, maybe you even lust to assist him in those deeds…

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