Being a pregnant BBC slut is SO much fun!

The longer I’m pregnant, the more I realize just how much my cute little cuckolds with their stumpy white dicks love to worship my sexy BBC baby bump! I used to be scared that guys wouldn’t find me attractive while I was pregnant, but I shouldn’t have worried! Now I think I’ve gotten more attention since I’ve been knocked up than I have in all the years before that, combined!

I just didn’t know that a baby bump was considered “hot”! Apparently the fact that there’s a BBC bun in my oven makes it even hotter! My phone is ringing off the hook nearly every night! Sometimes my cucks want to watch Davon run his big strong black hands over my stomach, laying claim to his white Princess and his seed inside her. Then jerk their cocks as his big black dick stretches my pussy open wide, fucking into me again and again until even more of his potent sperm spill out inside me. These days, almost as SOON as his fat black cock slides out of my pussy, there is a mouth there, eagerly waiting to replace it and suck my pussy clean of his BBC cum!

Others are more selfish. They don’t want to watch my pregnant pussy get fucked hard.

They want me all to themselves, so they can bare my swollen little baby bump; run their hands all over it; kiss every square inch of it; and listen to me talk about how there is a superior mixed breed baby growing inside me; and it was put there by a superior black man.  With of course, a FAR superior cock; who fucks me better than they EVER could, as if I would ever accept one of those tiny white cocktail weenies inside me! 😉

Every day that pregnant belly swells a little bit more. And every day I get more double-takes when I go out in public! I make sure to accentuate my ever-growing bump with tight t-shirts and straight dresses that show every little curve and swell. They push my grocery cart for me as they ask how far along I am, if I have picked out baby names, and etc. They kindly hold doors open for me! Now who went and brought chivalry back to life? 🙂

They sometimes even get brave enough to ask if they can RUB that sexy little baby bump!

I let them. And while they are mid-rub, I tell them how there’s a little bi-racial baby in my belly because I like to fuck big black dicks, and watch their reaction. If something shows in their face or stirs in their pants? I ask them if they’d like to come home with me and get the whole story! And by get the whole story, I mean worship that little baby bump and squeeze my swollen tits. I’ve gone up a whole cup size now! And fall under my cuckolding spell!

Does that cute little bump make your cock jump? 
Does the idea of running your lips all over it make you squirm in your chair? 

If so, you should probably ring me up for some Cuckold Phone Sex . We can talk about it in graphic detail!