My boyfriend is a really passionate and loving guy, but he does have a fetish. Nothing too wild, but it’s a bit of a dangerous one. He’s got a thing for impregnation. He likes us to have risky, unprotected sex. It drives him wild to think he might get me pregnant. I was on the pill. But he asked me to stop it and let things happen naturally. I for some reason decided to do as he asked. But I make him pull out and cum on my tummy, tits or ass when we fuck, since I am not looking to get pregnant, by any means.

I do have to admit that it’s hot though. There’s nothing between us, not that there was before. When I was on the pill, but the risk was not there then, like it is now. He tells me he wants to give me his baby and flood me with his seed. And get me pregnant. Last night he almost didn’t pull out in time. I can’t even imagine the willpower to pull out. Right before the peak of pleasure right before you orgasm, but he doesn’t seem to pulling out. There is always that risk of my getting pregnant though. Since pulling out is no guarantee it won’t happen. It lessens the chances, but does not prevent them entirely.Dana impregnation

He loves to kiss and cuddle and tell me he loves me. And he even comes up behind me and holds and caresses my belly like I’m already pregnant.He tells me one day I will be carrying his baby. We shall see. We’d been drinking a bit too much last week and had some hot spontaneous sex. And he was so aroused, I had my legs wrapped around him and he was kissing my neck and he wasn’t paying attention as he got close. And he almost forgot to pull out and I was worried he might have started to cum inside of me.

I was glad when I knew a few weeks later all was ok. We had a romantic night last night and he was really looking forward to it. Since it was the riskiest time of the month. I was ovulating. And I wasn’t sure we should even have sex and me possibly get pregnant. But of course the way he sweet talks me, I couldn’t turn him down. And we ended up making love and it was so sexy and hot. He loves me so much and well, we both were just so caught up in the moment. It wasn’t as if I was being forced .

I felt him gush inside of me and I knew there was a chance I could get pregnant. And  I was literally at my most fertile and he came inside of me. I can’t say it wasn’t wonderful though. It’s the first time he’s cum inside of me since I went off the pill. And I so love that feeling of him filling me up and get feeling his cum squish around inside of me. I guess I will discover in a few weeks if he did get me pregnant after all.

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