Sexy lil Dana has a pregnancy fetish fantasyMy Boyfriend Has A Pregnancy Fetish

Recently my boyfriend confessed a fetish of his, and surprisingly, I’ve found I kind of like it too. And that’s pregnancy fetish. The ironic thing is, I don’t really want kids of my own yet. But the whole idea of being knocked up by him and carrying part of him inside of me for the better part of a year is frankly really hot to me. It’s the getting there I find hot, not the actual baby at the end of it. So once he found out I like it. When we make love he’d say things like he was going to fill up my fertile pussy up with his seed, and how he wanted to breed me. I found it really sexy. And would love to imagine his seed taking hold in my womb and impregnating me.

My Cervix Was Going To Be Awash In His Semen

He said he’d love to see my belly swell, knowing his sperm had taken hold and we were making a baby together. Fuck it was hot. Knowing he was flooding me with that sperm, and that I was ovulating, this pregnancy fetish was very intimate. And it made me feel even closer to him. So it turned me on a great deal. He’d talk softly in me ear as we fucked, saying he loved knowing he was going to shoot into me so deeply. My cervix was going to be awash in his semen, that we were going to be making a baby together. I’d get so wet when he’d talk like that, thinking of him getting me pregnant.

He Sucked On My Nipples, As If Nursing From Me

None of my other boyfriends has had this pregnancy fetish. But now that I’ve experienced it, it has made me see how loving it can be. We were making love last night and he wanted to put pillows under my hips to keep the sperm in to raise our chances of conception, he said. I loved it. Knowing his cum wasn’t just spilling out of me like it normally does. But that it was pooling inside of me, full of life giving sperm. He sucked on my nipples, as if nursing from me, making them so hard and me so aroused. I was wetter than I’ve ever been before I was so turned on.


He held me for a long time after, spooning me, and playing with my pussy from behind, stroking my clit, with his cum covered fingers, as the cum finally started to leak out of me. I was just tingling from his touch as he made me cum over and over. I rolled over and curled down and sucked his sweet cock and licked our juices off of it. He wanted to fuck me once more and fill me with another load of his seed. Our bodies intertwined and I was soon filled with another load of my lovers sperm. Maybe one day he really will make me pregnant, we will have to see. But it sure is fun to roleplay in any case. To feel my womb filled with his life giving sperm, I adore it, I really do.

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