Practicing Safe Sex is Hard

I always try to practice safe sex, but practicing safe sex is hard. I have a very special kind of pussy That is very tight pussy. Having such a tight pussy can be both a blessing and a curse. I have been doing Kegel exercises for years. Having such a tight pussy can make for amazing sex. Guys love my tight pussy.

During sex I like to use my secret weapon, my super tight pussy. I can clench my pussy so tight. The guy can feel it every time I contract my pussy muscles. It doesn’t matter what position I am in but I can get the best grip when I am on top, or on my back. When I am on my back I can get the best grip, because I can use the headboard or the wall to push against to get more leverage. Then I wrap my legs around my man, pull him in with my feet, and tighten up those muscles so tight on his cock. I like to call that move my pussy lock.

Once I get a guy in my pussy lock, it’s over.

It is almost impossible for him not to cum. The curse with having such a tight pussy is it is hard to practice safe sex because my pussy always sucks that condom off like a dam vacuum.  This has happened several times with different guys. These guys have been well endowed and the condoms were on nice and tight, but as soon as we finish and I go to move, the condom is gone. I swear my pussy must be swallowing these condoms whole. It is not a good time trying to dig a condom lost in my pussy. So like I said when you have a pussy like mine practicing safe sex is hard.

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