This year’s resolutions obviously included getting ready for bikini season. Now, I’ve always been slim, but I really want it to tone up and have that nice tight ass. One of my close friends recommended to join her gym, so I thought I’d give it a try. The gym is amazing. It has a full protein bar, where they sell juices and shakes, small lunches too. The facility has great equipment. Alyssa, my friend, also said that I should sign up for crossfit with her trainer, and when I met him, I certainly knew I had to join his class.

The trainer’s name was Blake, and he was a typical beef cake. He was very sexy! He had a body to die for. Every afternoon right after our training he would give his special shake, already prepared to a few girls in the class. It was a post-work out shake that contain protein. The few girls in the class that would get it swore by it. It made them feel amazing! The only way you could get a shake was to be chosen by the trainer. So, I talked to my Alyssa about it and she said I should really work hard in training and once he sees my commitment he would be more than gladly to add me to his list for a yummy protein shake.

Blake and I got really friendly and one night he invited me to have a healthy dinner at his place. I agreed. I followed him to his place and when we got there he asked if I want it a protein shake and I agreed. He said he used a very special kind of protein, it was cum. I was shocked, but I was really want it to taste that shake now, even more than before. I sucked his big cock, till he came in a cup. He mixed all the ingredients. Added powder and some water and ice. I drank it all, it tasted delicious.

Now on workout days, the other girls and I take turns sucking off Blake. We love that delicious post-workout cum shake. Anyone of you men would like to volunteer your yummy protein?



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