I was ready for the pool and any poolside sex encounter I might have. 

Look, you’ve got to be prepared for anything when you go out, and that means mall sex encounters, car mechanic sex encounters, and even an occasional poolside sex encounter.

Our pool recently reopened, and as someone who loves showing off (why do you think I send you all those photos, babes?), I couldn’t wait to show myself off. There are two pools where I live, and luckily, one of those has adult-only hours. At least I wouldn’t be bundled up for snowy outdoor sex. No, this time I’d be bare and able to snag anybody with my breasts and hips and smile.

Of course, I took advantage of the hours. It’s an excuse to see any eligible bachelors and their equipment. I mean, those men are checking me out, as well.

Thus, how I show off. I like to do up my hair in a little back braid, pulling my dark long strands away from my face. Knowing I’ll be out in the sun, I put on darker, more saturated makeup. Of course, it’s all waterproof. 

And lastly, I pull out my swimsuit– a green thong bikini that my breasts nearly fall out of. I made sure I was neatly trimmed and everything looked good, nice, and sexy. More than anything, I wanted to be a woman on the prowl. Without fail, I wanted to seduce any man who approached me. 

To finish my outfit, I gathered my pool blanket, and put my suntan oil and lotion in my oversized tote. Then I leaned down and put on my cute, white high heels.


A Potential Aquaman

When I arrived, no one was around for a poolside sex encounter. Though that was a major disappointment, I still decided to stay. I placed a towel on one of the chairs and began to oil myself up. However, this was for no one. Nobody had returned to the pool yet. 

I refused to give up. Next, I spread my legs while I lounged in the chair, soaking up the sun. 

Finally, I got a bite. In a few minutes, a young man about 6’2” walked over to the pool and jumped in. As he swam a few laps, I narrowed my eyes. Though distorted by the water, I could make out the shape of his cock. And my pussy grew a little wetter. 

He came up for a moment. “Hey,” he offered. “I’m Nick. New here.” 

I widened my knees and leaned forward. “Elise,” I offered, watching his eyes track my breasts. “Always nice to see a few new toys in the pool.” 

Immediately, he guessed my meaning, as his face went bright red. I laughed. “What’s the matter, Aquaman?” I asked. “Surely, you don’t swim in your boxers.” 

He went red and under the water for a moment, so I sat up and moved to the side of the pool. “I’m interested if you are,” I let him know. “How many times do you get a chance for a poolside sex encounter in a public pool?” 

He lifted himself out of the pool, sat his wet butt down in my chair, and pulled his cock out. “Not many,” he agreed and beckoned me with a finger. 

My guppy had some bravado after all! 

On a Blanket with my Baby

For that poolside sex encounter, I went ahead and sat right on his lap. With nobody around, I just sat right over his hips, moving my bikini thong to the side. 

In an instant, he was inside me. My pussy was already slick from our flirting, and it didn’t take much for his cock to slip inside. The warm press of his cock stroked my inner walls, making me gasp in his ear. 

“Fuck. Feels so warm,” he panted. His big fingers dug into my ass, trying to get me to ride him faster. “Fuck, Elise.” 

I continued panting, flexing my hips to drive his cock into my g-spot. “Come on, Nick,” I demanded. He groaned in return. However, he did speed up. He slammed his cockhead against my spot. 

When I squirted over him, it made no difference to his already wet body. Instead, he came inside me, biting down on my shoulder as he did so. 

Once done, we both lay breathing, trying to collect our thoughts.

Claps from the neighbors interrupted our bliss, though. One of the dangers of fucking in public, I guess!


Maybe you need some sun this summer? Don’t waste time with other phone sex numbers– call mine! We PSK girls know how to play!

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