pool sexDon’t you just love summer?

The days get longer, the shots get shorter and the sun beats down hotter and hotter on all the beautiful bodies. I crave summer, love it, I love swimming in the pool, feeling the water flowing over my body. When I first masturbated it was in a pool, and friend showed me how. Where the jets of water stream out, she showed me how to place my pussy up against the jets and just let the water flow. That was when I felt my first full orgasm, and I haven’t looked back since 😉

My favorite thing to do in a pool of course is fuck. Are you surprised? I didn’t think so. I love the feel of the water splashing while I have a cock rammed inside me over and over. The coolness of the water running over the heat of my pussy, just thinking of it makes we wet as we speak…pun intended 😉

I just got off the phone with one of my mens and our festivities led to pool sex, and it got me craving to get some rump romping going in the shallow end of the pool tonight. With the hot weather and the long days, what better way to cool off? Naked bodies, cool water, hot sun, sweat mixed with water, mixed with cum…..Yea, I do believe it’s time to start giving a glance around and seeing who I would like to break the summer in with tonight.

Anytime is a right time for pool sex