Now that the warm weather is here, I do so love swimming. My boyfriend and I were actually invited to a pool party over the holiday weekend and we had a very nice time. What the other guests at the party didn’t know was that in the safety of the darkness, I was giving my boyfriend a handjob under the water that was filled with guests. It was very sexy, we didn’t even want to kiss in front of the others and appear to get carried away, so as we were in the water, I just slipped my hand inside his trunks.

We’d had a nice BBQ a couple hours before and watched the fireworks and then many of us got into the pool and we went off to a more secluded corner and I started stroking his cock and he was enjoying himself a lot, he was hard as a rock in my hand as I rubbed him up and down. He was so aroused and I was getting that way too, and I felt his fingers go in the leg area of my bikini bottoms as he sought out my stiffened clit. No one suspected a thing as we were touching each other under the water. It was dark, there were no under the water style pool lights, and even though there must have been a dozen people in the pool, we were not suspected.

We did make each other cum under the water, trying not to splash too much. We left shortly afterwards so we could go back to my place to fuck, as we were so turned on. He pounded my pussy for hours and shot his cum into my bare pussy several times, filling me up. I adore when he cums inside of me and drives me wild that way, nothing between us. Sex is always so hot between us, it turns me on a lot knowing we made each other cum with other people practically within arms reach of us and they had no idea at all.

Wanna be my boyfriend?