Poetic Sex Toy Brings My Wet Dreams to VR Like No Other

A poetic sex toy, robots with skin, pocket pussies, VR escorts, oh my!  Imagine living in a world where monsters, fairies, aliens, and most mystical creatures are real.  Fathom the thought of having a thought made manifest by simply writing it down or sharing your tale with a friend.  Is it a more acceptable thought to believe that Rosie from the Jetsons has skin and is referred to as a Synth, as on the sci-fi drama series Humans by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley?

Duh!  I’m a pussy owner that loves cock.  A mere dildo, clit sucker/tickler, and a bottle of wine will suffice.  You guys call me here on the phone sex hotlines to feel that intimate connection that you cannot get elsewhere.  Not if you had an upgraded Rosie like Mia from the sci-fi drama Humans.  Oh no, you can program her to please your kinky thrills.  She learns just as Google and Alexa do.  The more you play, the better the sex.  With a real woman, sex starts way before you enter the bedroom, so treat her well.

I’m sure you guys remember my Sirenhead Bruce, right?  If not check out my blog on 10 Good Pussies and  Siren Head Game.  What if your magic was just a frequency that could be interpreted by a computerized human such as a Synth?  The Synth can already ready your vitals and check for hormonal imbalances.  What if those pheromones you are secreting triggered your Synth to please you? Could a Siren Head be smart enough to outsmart this sort of technology?  A.I. is a lovely thing, but is this taking it too far?

A Rogue Poetic Sex Toy!

Cum play with me, Master!  My readings indicate you require sex.  Should I play you like a fiddle or as you once described it (pause): “As if my cock were Angel Gabriel’s trumpet on the Holy Day of Atonement, opening the heavens for the Messiah to be born.” Please excuse my poetic additions.

Machines are about solving problems.  Accomplishing the mission is the goal.  Parameters must be set and consistently reinforced.  The more human the Synth, the less likely the Synth is to just grab your cock without warning and screw you as if it were to complete the mission.  A poetic sex toy has emotion, compassion, and would politely inquire and ask first.  Training a dog is one thing but a Synth?  Do you understand how much energy and time that requires outside of basic programming?

BDSM Vs Kink Scene

Communicating the difference between a king scene and BDSM is hard enough between humans.  Imagine what that would be like with you and your poetic sex toy.  She is going to feed your ego and be your best cheerleader.  She is going to prepare your food as specified by the recipe.  Will she know how to release you from your runners high from being the bottom?  Will she know how to soother you in the aftermath and it is genuine and compassionate aftercare?

Music to My Ears!

Knowing what to say and when to say it is a gift.  It should be heartfelt.  Timing is everything and hard to program.  There are so many things within this universe that are time-based, yet we do not have a formula for them.  Will she play the right song for the occasion?  Is she the perfect poetic sex toy? Samuel Beckett once said: “Poets are the sense, philosophers are the intelligence of humanity.”  This is how you humanize your Synth into a poetic sex toy.  Find a way to let her breathe like red wine, even in a scholar’s atmosphere; for Henry David Thoreau says poetry cannot.

Tell me, do you believe a Synth will be able to manifest your wet dreams like no other?  Is a mere poetic sex toy enough?

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke