I Was Waiting For A Handyman And He Was This Very Hot Young Guy

This fixer upper I have, it always needs something done. And I have a really good handy man, a nice older man that isn’t very expensive. and he always gets things fixed properly. I was having a window that wouldn’t open so I gave him  call and left a message if he could please come over and give it a look. He usually drops by an hour or so after I leave a message. So when the doorbell rang I knew it would be him. But to my surprise it was a sexy, young guy. I asked him who he was and he said he was the handyman’s son. His dad was busy, but he thought he’d be able to fix the issue.

 I Was Hot For This Guy

I knew the handyman had a son. But he sure never said he looked like this hot young guy that arrived! He couldn’t have been more than nineteen and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.
 And  he was so cute and sweet. He fixed the window in a few minutes and was on his way to go when I asked him if he’d like to hang around and have a beer. He said sure, he could stay a bit. So we talked and he knew I was attracted to him the way I was flirting with him. He asked me if I liked young guys and I smiled and said yes, of course, they were usually hot!
He walked over to me and I looked up at him and he leaned down and gave me a kiss. And I felt sparks instantly. I stood up and led him to the bedroom and I started to undress and he did as well. I laid down on the bed and he began kissing me from head to toe .And of course he paused and kissed me quite a bit on my bare pussy. He was very good at licking cunt, and I spread open wide for him. And my juices were streaming out of my wet snatch and down the crack in my ass as he lapped at me with his flickering tongue.cj young guy
I grabbed his head and just pushed it into my pussy and bucked against his face until I came all over it. He then got up between my legs and with his cock in his hand. He traced the tip of his dick up and down my juicy slit and teased my clit with it. Literally making me beg for him to slide it into me. Young guys can fuck the best in my opinion. They are hard as fucking steel and they can usually cum multiple times and just keep pleasuring you until you cannot take it any more.
His dick was long and girthy . And I was spread open very wide for him as he began to thrust inside of me and pound my pussy. He sucked at my hard nipples and playfully bit them as he went in and out of me . I wrapped my legs around him as we fucked. And I ran my hands up and down his back and grabbed his ass cheeks in my hands. I was pulling him deeper within me, I couldn’t get enough of his young cock. And I clenched down with my pussy muscles as I came on his cock and as I milked him inside of me. I felt him explode and shoot that load into me. We lay there panting and I laughed and said I hoped his dad was busy more often so he’d get sent over to do the job instead.
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