Teeny Weeny Pig In A Blanket- Small dick humiliation is like second nature to me. So when my friend Jessica thought of throwing a sex toy party, my little wet pussy tingled with excitement. She invited all our girl friends and told us to bring a guy. Not just any guy, but a guy with a little thumb fuck of a dick. We were going to have our version of a “pig party.” (who ever would bring the ugliest girl to a fraternity party would be the winner.) The invitations read “Pig In A Blanket Party.” Cocktail weenies on a platter. Serve up your little dick fuck to be eaten alive by a bunch of bitches. Bring the guy with a teeney weeney to win the door prize.

Pulling out my “Little” Blacklist I shuffled though from A to Z . The guys were categorized by dick size. One star meant – NEVER answer the phone when they called. One star guys are intelligent and looked great on your arm. Kissed like a thief – stealing your breath away and licked pussy and ass like a level 5 tornado. The perfect package one would think? WRONG!!! The “package” below was seriously lacking. Jake was everything and more. The poor thing would always brag endlessly. Closing my eyes, I could hear his voice “I can lick a woman’s pussy til her toes curled.” Shaking my head. The bells went off in my head. DING DING DING — Little dick man ahead!! Do NOT Go any further. He will never in a million years be able to satisfy me in bed – get out while you are ahead. Perfect – I found my Teeney Weeney for the party.

Five of my closest friends and their “Teeny Weeney” dates arrived at 6 o’poorlilcock . The party started and ended with small dick gags. Jessica made sure to tell Jake, “No worries Raven would never gag on your cock.” He looked at me with a puzzled face. It didn’t take long for him to put the pieces together. Bit by bit – inch by inch ( LOL no pun intended ) He realized it was a Teeney Weeney party. He was rather embarrassed, but I could see he was getting a little turned on by the “small” situation.

Jessica announced “You are here, because you lack in the cock department.” BAM it was out on the table. It was a little dick party to humiliate all the men. She continued “we will be introducing you to a few BIG toys that will spice up your sex life.” I laughed and said “Some of us are here because we need something good to fuck.” The girls all made little mocking noises, as they looked at their Teeny Weeney dates, who were staring down at their lap. “Seriously, I feel like I’m fucking my finger.” Ashley said and they laughed, as she grabbed her date by the arm and dragged him to his feet. He tried to stop her! He knew she was going to humiliate him in front of everyone. This was not the first time and it wouldn’t be the last. There was no hope for him. He would be a little dick fuck until the end of time. She undid his jeans and yanked them down along with his boxers. He tried to stop her, but she just smacked his hand away.

We didn’t want to single out Ashley’s date. We made all the men (if you could call them that) stand up and we revealed their little cocks to everyone. Jessica announced “Take a good look around – who has the smallest cock here?” How embarrassing for these pathetic little dick fucks. “Get the ruler!” one of the girls chimed. We all started to laugh. I could see the guys little peckers shrivel up inside their ball sacks. “OMG ” another girl exclaimed, as she kneeled down to measure the 4inch stub. I couldn’t help laughing, as I compared my thumb to my dates little penis. “You are a pathetic little thumb fuck Jake.” I put my finger and thumb by it, comparing the size and said “Yep, He isn’t a grow-er or a show-er.” Some of the girls laughed while a couple of them made comments about how small it was. “I’m so sorry.” Mandy said giving me a fake sad smile. “Maybe one day we will find a real man to date.” I told her “Speak for yourself – I get my fill of Big Black Cock to satisfy my sweet bald pussy. Yeah but until then I’m here to buy the best vibrator money can buy.”

I dragged Jake over to the BIG toy table by his little peter. I grabbed a small lipstick vibrator and showed it to the girls so they could see how small it was. I then held it beside Jake and I swear they were practically the same size. “See?” I said in shock. “No wonder I can only have an orgasm when you lick my twat.” I then grabbed a realistic looking dildo that was of average size and once again compared it to Jake’s pathetic excuse for a cock. I knelt down and held it against his dick. “Look, even this piece of latex is more man than you are.” Karen laughed and said “Oh my God and I thought my date was small.” I tossed the dildo at her and told her I’d buy it for her if she needed it. I then grabbed the biggest dildo there; it was 9 inches long and thick. I held it up for everyone to see and said “Looks looks like I found my new boyfriend!” I stood in front of Jake, licking and sucking the life-like cock. Jerking it off and slipping it between my wet luscious lips. “Mmmm, I can definitely suck and fuck this all night long. I might even let you watch.” It was all over! How embarrassing, his little wanker shot its little load and he wasn’t even touching it! “Pathetic…..” I said “you give a new meaning to a ruined orgasm.” his red face was enough for me.

For the rest of the night, the guys paraded around with their baby dicks peeking out. What a total shame. We came to this conclusion for the contest – No winners – Only Losers. A room of little dick, thumb fuck, teeney cocktail weeny LOSERS with raisin size balls. Ready to explore some little dick humiliation, BBC and Cuckold for the perfection fetish combinations to explore? Once you have masturbation phone sex with me – masturbating alone will NEVER be the same!! Let’s get our own personal adventure started.  No limits – No restrictions – Anything goes humiliation phone sex that will be totally mind explosive and leave you breathless!!

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