I’m always looking for the next big kink to indulge in and really get men rock hard! Well recently I stumbled upon petplay and I gotta say I’m enjoying every single minute of it!! The tail but plug sliding up my nice little bubble butt and I even have the purrfect ears! Who doesn’t like a sexy little neko to pull over to them and force her to present her pretty pink pussy!


One of my guys came over the other night and boy did he love finding me on all fours on the floor face down with my pretty pink pussy glistening and wiggling in his face. He just loved seeing the cat ears on top of my head they really made him painfully hard! I’ve never had a man shove his cock so forcefully inside my pussy but when your a pet you get fucked just the same way animals get fucked in nature.

After he was done dumping a load into my pussy he tugged on my pretty bell collar and crammed his cock down my throat to clean it up. I love cleaning my juices off his softening cock and it makes it even better because there’s always a little cum left over to suck out! When he saw some of the cum dripping out of my soaked pussy he made me lap it up off the floor. I’ll be putting on my cat ears and sliding my butt plug tail up my ass more often! I think I need to find a leash and “cat nip” before next time for a even hotter experience.


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