Searching for the right therapist is a pain in the ass. Finding Dr. Fine was not easy, and he comes with rave reviews. Imagine my surprise to find out he is using perverted calming hypnosis and taking advantage of me.

While he has me hypnotized, Yep uses this opportunity to get in his own naughty playtime with me. In fact, he isn’t just doing some touch and tickle; he is fucking me.

Of course, my pussy always feels funny after our sessions, but I figure it is a psychological thing. Then, my friend suggested turning on my phone recorder to see what happens while I am under.

Sure enough, he is using perverted calming hypnosis to do whatever he wants with me.

Me being me, it wouldn’t be so bad. However, I am seeing him so I can work on my growing sex addiction. It seems the more I learn, the more I crave. Sex is becoming my driving force.

Not only in everyday life but also in my job too. Of course, it is easy to get into more kinky sex stuff with a boss like mine. Then, he introduces me to his wild friend, and I pick up another kinky job.

So, you see, perverted calming hypnosis is something I would totally be into if I weren’t seeing him so I can move away from my sexual deviance. Honestly, I only want to minimize my addiction.

I don’t want to stop completely.

In fact, I am probably making a mistake coming to Dr. Fine. Seriously, I am so young and have many years to grow and experience all the sexual fetishes out there!

And, I am only scratching the surface so far. I have so much more to discover and learn. Perhaps perverted calming hypnosis isn’t the right path right now for me.

Although I know Dr. Fine has his way with me, it does get my pussy wet as I am getting ready for my appointment with him. Perhaps, I should wear sexy panties for him.

That way, when he starts his perverted calming hypnosis, they will get his cock even harder!

Of course, the only downfall is me being under calming perverted hypnosis and not enjoying it. I am researching so that I can not go under and just fake it so I can also have fun during our sessions.

I am not sure that is the way to go during therapy, but I know my pussy will thank me later! Hahaha. My friend put a tiny camera on my shirt for today’s session so we can watch it later.

Dr. Fine and I do our normal interaction and chatting. Then, he starts putting me under. I fall under his calming perverted hypnosis quickly. Since he is short on time, he leaves most of my clothes on.

He lifts my skirt, gets excited about my sexy panties, then pulls them off.

Then, he goes down on me and gives me oral. He sniffs my ass while he is down there. Sliding his tongue deep into my ass, he comments on how nice it tastes.

After that, he is ready to fuck me. He pulls out his average size cock and slides it deep inside me with one quick stroke. He only has so much time for our perverted calming hypnosis.

So, he is in and out quickly, cumming deep inside me. Once he is done, he slides my panties back on and brings me out of the hypnosis. I can’t wait to get home and see our session!

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