That naughty boss of mine is getting kinkier every day.  And, because of that, it has me working more than when I started this kinky part-time job. Of course, I love the gig even more now.

When I was starting, he was still opening up to his desires and kinks. Daniel has me do all my tasks in lingerie. Depending on his mood, he may not come near me the entire day.

He edges and stays in his space, watching my body as I am cleaning. On other days, he likes touching me with his tongue or hand. Of course, if he touches me, it is an extra $500 a pop.

He is definitely a naughty boss that loves kink now!

At first, Daniel was quiet and meek. I guess me being there in lingerie has awakened the beast in him. He is even paying me more to rub his cock on me. And, he has me working all the time.

Of course, the tasks are easy and require little work. So, it isn’t hard being at his house a lot. More than anything, my job is to be sexy while doing the things he comes up with.

And, as I said, my naughty boss is getting wilder and craving more. Sometimes, I feel guilty for all the money he is paying me. But then, I remember he is loaded and can afford it.

Because we are having sex, I do a lot of finger banging in the bathrooms.

It is exciting walking around the house and teasing him with my body. Of course, my tight young pussy is getting super wet. Once and a while, I will bend over to pick something up and show him my cunt.

He always lets out a little moan and starts jerking off faster. I am not sure why my naughty boss isn’t fucking me. I sure wish he would. He is a handsome man, and he has a big dick.

I know I can rock his world with my skills, but he likes the tease and denial. It makes his edging all that much better. And, only using his hand or tongue to touch me drives him wild.

As I said, he is now rubbing his hard cock on my ass cheeks or lips.

So, I think we are getting closer to fucking. I could be wrong. Daniel is a strange dude, and I never know what to expect from him. One day, my naughty boss is just watching and wanking.

Another day, he is having me near him so he can use his tongue on my asshole. And, always, he is paying me for the extra stuff. He even says it as he is requesting it.

I am so good with that. My student loans are getting paid off quickly, thanks to Daniel and his kinky ways. I am beyond grateful to him for this gig. My friends work their asses off at restaurants or factories.

Yuck, I will take my naughty boss any day.

Today, he has me completely nude as I am doing my work. He has already been licking my asshole. Now, he is going to rub his precum on my lips. After, he loves watching me run my tongue over it.

It’s a hard day at the office, and fucking love it! Are you looking for some hot fetish phone sex? Call me!

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