Dr. Fine is a therapist. He helps those with addictive tendencies and more. Of course, he has great reviews from lots of people, and that is why I choose him. And now, I am swapping calming hypnosis on him.

You see, Dr. Fine is a naughty doctor with issues of his own. In fact, ole doc Fine loves putting hotties like me under hypnosis and taking advantage of us while we are under.

His dirty hypnosis is how he puts us under his spell and then uses us for his sexual pleasures. Of course, you may be wondering how I know this if I am under hypnosis. Well, I wore a tiny cam to catch him.

Now it is me swapping his calming hypnosis for some of my fun!

I kept coming out of my hypnosis with creamy panties. I just thought it was my own juices from all he would bring out of me under hypnosis. Nope, Dr. Fine was leaving his loads inside me.

Of course, if he would have asked me, I would have consented to fucking him. He is super sexy and, it turns out he has a nice big dick. However, he took advantage of me.

Now, I am doing the same to him by swapping his calming hypnosis. I have a sedative I will slip into his water. Additionally, once he is under, it will be my turn to take advantage of him.

And, I am bringing some of my favorite toys for fun.

A ball gag for his mouth, some awesome lube, and my favorite dildos. Moreover, it wouldn’t be complete without one of my strap-ons! On top of all this, I am filming the entire thing.

If you have been following me, you know I love making money in interesting ways. Normally, I have kinky and unusual jobs. However, this time, I am going to blackmail Dr. Fine with my swapping his calming hypnosis.

He is a renowned psychiatrist with a reputation to protect. So, not only will I get my revenge, but I will also get his money for his naughty behavior. And, I will threaten him with hidden cams in his office.

That way, if he does dirty hypnosis to anyone else, I can come after him with my swapping his calming hypnosis proof!

On top of that, if I enjoy fucking him with my strap-on, he will have to agree to future sessions with his new barely legal dominatrix! I am going to make his life hell and then some!

Dr. Fine is going to regret taking advantage of women and using them for his own pleasure. As our session starts, I drop the sedative into his water. He is quickly drinking it down.

In no time, he is getting woozy. It is time for my swapping his calming hypnosis for my ultimate revenge. I get his pants and underwear off. The camera is rolling as I pull off my dress.

Underneath, I have on a leather dom outfit.

First, I shove a dildo into his mouth and force his semi-conscious self to suck it. Then, I put the ball gag in his mouth and bend him over the chair with his hairy ass up for my pleasure.

He is still awake but unable to fight me off. For the viewers, it looks like he is just doing drugs and partying with me. Now, I am ready to fuck him in the ass. I spread those cheeks and start sliding into him.

Under the ball gag, he is moaning loudly. His virgin ass must be hurting during my swapping calming hypnosis revenge. As I fuck him, it looks like he is enjoying it on camera.

Therefore, that is all I need to hold over him. Furthermore, I own this bitch now! Curious to know how it all plays out? Call me for some amazing fetish phone sex!

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