I Make The Perfect Snow Bunny!

That big, black, throbbing cock is what I crave! No white meat please, I want only the best! I am a snow bunny. I love the feeling of being spread open and pent rated so deeply stretching my pink walls out!

I just love a tall, handsome black man to wrap my legs around. I love seeing them in boxers, their cocks rock hard and ready to fuck. Mmmmm fuck, and theyre so rough I just can’t help showing off how slutty I am! They’re so freaky and ready push me against the mirror and make me watch myself getting fucked. Feeling them slap their cock on my clit, their huge masculine hand wrapped around my neck.

I know why they love me…my round hips and tight ass…they know it’s perfect to ram a cock into. They love my long dark hair to pull and wrap around their wrist. My milky skin and giant puffy tits perfect for slapping and tittyfucking. You’re damn right that I’m the perfect snow bunny!

My favorite position with my beautiful BBC?

I love Doggy! All the fucking way. I crave so badly to be on my hands and knees spread open and dripping wet. Anticipating their giant dicks dumping their cum into me. Mmmm thinking about it now I’m starting to throb…being pulled back onto their cock screaming for more more more because I’m the naughtiest cum slut riding a black dick. After my pussy is fucked raw and filled with seed their cocks need cleaning and I’m a cock loving whore for my BBC. I love being fed and choked while my hair is pulled to reveal my slutty mouth wrapped around the shaft. That’s it baby slap that fucking cock on my tongue.

And when they let me sit on it my ass is gaping being stretched by the best cock on earth. Their huge balls slapping against my cheeks as I feel them grow thicker and thicker. I love a finger shoved in my pussy whole being told what a nasty snow bunny I am. I love being finished off with my ass up and face in the pillow. Don’t hold anything back. Spank that ass that you’re addicted to and fuck me like you hate me!

Your Snow Bunny

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