Perfect Body Worship

Do you think you know how to properly worship a body as sexy as mine? Can you hit every nerve of my body to send shivers down my spine and made me explode in ecstasy? My idea of perfect body worship has a list of steps you will need to follow thoroughly if you intend to truly please me. That is what worship is, you know? Showing your adoration and submission to me, completely. I can guide you through it, but you will have to do all the work. Just being near my body is enough reward for you, but I might just let you cum in the end if you do your job well.

To begin the perfect body worship, touch me gently. I want to feel your lips press against every inch of my skin. Start at my forehead. If you pull me in close and kiss the top of my head, I will most definitely let you continue. I want to feel your hand brush down from my shoulders and arms while you work your way to my back. You will have to strip off my sexy lace lingerie before your worship continues, so slide your hand underneath my bra and remove it so gently. Take your lips and trail them down my neck to my now exposed tits.

Worship My Tits

Now, wrap your lips around my nipples and show me how much you love the upper part of this beautiful body. When I feel your tongue swirl around my nipples, my deepened breath will start to excite you. Then, as your teeth gently begin to nibble and I let out the first soft moan of many, you will start to throb with excitement and desperation. Don’t get too excited yet, you still need to cover the rest of me in kisses. Why am I still wearing my panties?

Take your lips and continue down my body. My flat tummy will shake under your soft kisses. When you finally make it to my panties, I want you to use your teeth. Grab a hold of the upper lace of my pretty lingerie and slide them down my perfect thighs. This will allow your hands to rub down my legs while you strip me completely naked. I want you to take a minute. Just look at the body lying in front of you. You are so lucky to touch me right now. Keep kissing.

I know You want it

Now, you will work your way back up. Starting at my lovely feet you will focus on one at a time. I want to feel your tongue slide up and down the soles of my pretty feet. Suck on each of my toes like it’s the last time you will ever see them. Then, I want you to start to kiss up my legs and stop yourself right between my thighs. Let that light scruff of facial hair on your cheeks tease my inner thighs before taking your lips and teeth to each inch of perfection. Do you want to taste my pussy?

Kiss and suck on my juicy pussy lips. You will know you are doing a good job following my steps to perfect body worship when you see my pussy glistening just for you. Taste me. I know you want to. Slide your tongue across my sweet pussy and taste what you have been craving. Suck gently on my clit and feel my hips start to bridge upwards, pressing me further onto your tongue. Worship my pussy.

Perfect Body Worship would be incomplete without thorough ass worship

You have me dripping wet and craving more. Place your hands on my hips and gently lift me to put me on my knees. Now that you have a perfect view of my ass and pussy, your next goal is to worship my ass like you never have before. Look how luscious my round ass is. It craves your touch.  Massage my cheeks and show me how you crave it. This will be easy for a perverted ass lover like you.

You want to do so many things to this sweet ass, don’t you? I already know to expect things like ass sniffing from you, so do what you have to. When you are ready for a taste, start at the small of my back. I want you to take your tongue and trail from my lower back all the way to my crack. Spread my cheeks and take a peek at my cute little button, waiting to be licked. Lick it. Tongue my sweet and savory hole and feel yourself growing more and more impatient. Do you want me?

If you have followed every step of my perfect body worship, I want you too. I need you inside me now. Neither of us will be able to last much longer. When I feel the tip of your cock press into my dripping pussy, we will both fill the room with our moans. Pure ecstasy. I want you to make me cum all over your cock. Fuck me and fuck me hard!

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