Sexually Adventurous Couple

I am absolutely in love with the sex life I have with my boyfriend Peter! Together, he and I have explored a wide variety of kinks and fetishes. One of our favorite things to do is watch a really hot porno and reenact it! It really keeps the sex thriving. We have also made a sex bucket list of all the things we absolutely needed to try one day. Potty play was one of our last to be checked off, and when we did it, we loved it! I became Peter’s little potty play princess!

Getting Into Potty Play

Getting into potty play was not something we were sure about, but after watching some pretty interesting and thoroughly exciting porn, we had to try it! How we saw it was just adding a little extremity to our perfect body worship, or another form of domination. Peter and I are both very generous when it comes to worshipping each other’s bodies, but we both get an indescribable satisfaction by force or domination. I never really considered myself dominant in the bedroom until my sexual adventure with Peter. I love to make him please me, and I love to use him like a sex doll. So, of course, when it came to potty play, I took my turn first.

A Little Bondage

To begin our exciting new kink, I tied my boyfriend to the bed. He loves when I pull the ropes just a little too tight and he’s completely unable to move. There is something about him being so submissive and willing, vulnerable in a way, that just turns me on to the extremes. Then, I started to kiss down his body. My little mix of domination and worship.  Starting at his lips, I sucked, kissed and nibbled all down his neck and whispered into his ear. He loves the way my breath feels against his neck. It sends shivers down his spine and makes his cock throb uncontrollably

A Little Body Worship

My hands travel his body, lightly grazing every inch of his skin and guiding the way for my mouth. When I get to his throbbing cock, I wrap my hands around him. Pumping that huge shaft at a steady pace, his breathing starts to get heavier. So, I wrap my lips around him to taste that sweet precum of his and savor his flavor in my mouth. Then, I turn my body around to where we are now 69’ing and it feels so good! The way his lips wrap around my clit while I bob up and down on his cock drives me wild. I think I am ready to become the potty play princess.

Becoming his Potty Play Princess

I want to be his potty play princess. I don’t want to hold back anything at all. If we are going to do it, we are going to do it right! So, I release my lips from his cock and sit firmly on Peter’s face. I grind against his tongue with my pussy and work my body down to where he is now tongue fucking my tight little asshole. Then, I reach around and spread my ass apart for him. He knows what I am about to do and he is nervous but excited. This is next level ass worship!

My Gift

My body starts to shake and I simultaneously begin to push harder and harder. I shifted down to his stomach and proceeded to deliver him with my special gift. He let out a moan as I covered him in my shit. Grinding from his stomach to his chest, I covered him completely. He begged for more. Peter craves a golden shower to top my masterpiece. I pushed my golden stream out of my soaking wet pussy and drizzled my juices from head to toe. I am the potty play princess! Praise my body!

The excitement made Peter explode out of his cock! His cum mixed with my creation and I took a mental picture of my art. I unbound my boyfriend and let him up from the bed. Our potty play adventure was exhausting! However, it isn’t over yet. I took Peter to the shower where I would wash him clean. The water pouring over his body reminded him of the erotic feel of my piss and his cock grew hard again. It was his turn to play with the potty play princess his own way.

Showers and Golden Showers

I dropped to my knees and began to suck and lick on his throbbing member. He gently pulled me by my hair to release my lips from his cock. His thumb slid across my bottom lip as he began to push my mouth open. The water from the shower drizzled on my head as the golden shower from his cock poured into my mouth. Finally, as I finished the last drop of sweet yellow bliss, he erupted once more with a piping hot load of delicious cum. Then, we finished washing up and he kissed his potty play princess goodnight.

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