Perverted Ass Lover

 I met the most perverted ass lover the other day! I was in line at a coffee shop I go to almost every morning to see this really sexy big tit barista. However, that day I felt very pressured by my surroundings and slightly uncomfortable. The eyes of a stranger were burning a hole in my yoga pants and taking mental pictures of my sweet ass.

Not until I heard rustling and the quick unzip of pants behind me did I turn to meet the ass pervert. His hand was down his pants in the middle of the line. I could see the outline of his hard cock pressed against the seam of his pants while he looked up at me with a grin. He quickly took his hand out when he saw the terrified expression on my face. Was he masturbating to me in public? Or was he just trying to hide the massive boner in his pants?

Perverted Yet Charming

I grabbed my coffee and started to head for the door. The man followed quickly in an effort to explain himself. Although he was caught with his hand on his cock, I have to admit he was quite the charmer when he started to talk. He explained to me that he was trying to hide his bulge and that he was quite embarrassed to be caught. He told me that I had caught his eye with my own. My yoga pants are a light shade of blue and they match the ocean color of my eyes. He explained that he was just so taken by me that he couldn’t help himself.

I decided to give the creep a chance. We met for dinner later on that evening and he surprised me with flowers and wine. I was in a short red dress, with black pantyhose and opened toed heels. It was a bit of a test to see if any of my outfits could make him pop a boner the way he did earlier. Dinner was a success and I was ready for dessert!

Hot, Heavy, and Unexpected

When we got back to his house, things were getting very hot and heavy. Our kisses were so intense at some points that we forgot to take a breath. He was strong and aggressive, just the way I like them. He threw me onto the bed and ripped off my red dress. I was quickly flipped around with my face buried in the sheets. With my ass in the air, his breathing became very heavy. I had called it in the line at Starbucks. He really is a perverted ass lover.

It wasn’t the way most men would treat my body when they got me into their beds. This man left my pantyhose on and began to massage my ass with his big hands. It felt good so I didn’t protest. When I felt his tongue lick up the crack of my ass through my pantyhose, I wondered what I had gotten myself into.  It was no longer he and I having great sex, but now him and my ass alone at last. What kind of perverted ass lover sniffs butts?

That’s right! This dirty little butt sniffer took a big whiff of my ass and continued to lick me through my pantyhose. I started to get a little turned off and tried to reposition myself to be facing towards him again. In a more aggressive manner, the man held my face into the pillow and pulled his hard cock out of his pants. He then whispered into my ear that he wanted to fuck my ass all night long. I have never done anal and I didn’t want to try it now. I protested and begged for him to only fuck my sweet pussy.

Ass Rape

With an evil grin, the perverted ass lover assured me he will fuck my ass whether or not I am willing to let him. He started to grind his cock against the layer of fabric separating my hole from the tip of his dick. He’s a dirty little butt humper, ass sniffer, ass licker, and all around the most perverted ass lover I have ever met. I was ready to leave when he then ripped a hole in my pantyhose and rammed his cock in my virgin asshole.

He raped my ass for what felt like hours. Stretching me out around his long and thick cock. He humped my butt like the dirty little ass lover he is until he filled me with his cum. When he finished I was numb from the waist down. I was unsure of what I had just gone through with this perverted ass lover. He gave me one last request. I had to drag my cream filled ass across a leather couch to leave my taste on it for him. Dirty butt licker.

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