People Having Sex In Odd Places

People having sex is normal.  We all have bucket lists and places we’d like to fuck one day if we can get away with it.  If you thought a bathroom stall was taboo, have you ever walked into the bathroom and have seen two people getting busy on a changing table?  Or even the counter where the sinks are?  I don’t blame them.  That mirror stretching across the wall can give you a pretty good view.

What about in a drive-thru?  Have you ever worked fast food and then witnessed the driver who orders you just took being ridden by some hot teen pussy?  You thought things sounded weird when you took his order.  Now, as you take his card, it’s confirmed that his cock was indeed occupied.

What about a swing set?

Maybe it is not even after hours at the park.  Maybe a couple just couldn’t wait and someone’s cock is getting screwed on the swing set.  They don’t give a shit who’s looking.  Her pussy is getting worked and his cock is getting milked.  I’m sure you wouldn’t give a fuck either.  Ever done it in a crowded wave pool?  No one would even notice if there are enough people.  Just make sure that, when it’s time to shoot or squirt, the water does not decide to turn purple on you.  Or else the jig is up.

I sense a running theme

Sex is fine and all but sex in public adds that extra spice that just makes it feel that much better.  Take my advice.  Life is short. People having sex in places meant for fun! Fuck outside.  Are you a freak who likes to get nasty around others?  Let us talk about it on Crystal hot phone sex line!