As a mom, I believed in an open household when it came to sexuality. I grew up in such a household and love how I turned out. When the kids were very little, they had great imaginations and loved to play. They always made up their own games and had such fun. We didn’t initiate them into adult sexual play when there were very little, other than caresses and such. Some of my fondest memories are being a peeping mom on the kids as they discovered themselves.

I had 2 daughters and a son. Early on my husband was a good father and husband. I stayed home with the kids and ran the household while he went to work. It was nice to be there during their younger years. They had the freedom to become who they wanted, not who a child care might tell them they were. That included their sexuality as they started to discover the fun they could have together.

My children were very inquisitive, and I encouraged them to be that way!

Jess, Liz, and James were intelligent, creative, and gorgeous children! Obviously, I was a proud mom and I loved to be supportive when they were adventuring in their little worlds. They were fast learners and were up and moving early for their ages. I was surprised to see how soon they walked, so why wouldn’t they be advanced sexually?!

They also loved each other dearly. The three of them were 3 peas in a pod. Where one kid was, the other two were in tow. It didn’t matter if they were outside or inside, they were creating and having a blast. One day I had not heard from them in a long time. I was busy working on a project in my shop and lost track of time. Deciding I better track them down, I started out on my search.

I searched all over the house and didn’t find them. It was a gorgeous sunny day, so I thought they might be outside swimming or somewhere in our huge yard. Not at the pool, I kept up my search. The kids had created multiple “forts” and spots they liked to play their many scenarios, so I just kept looking in each one. I wasn’t worried because I knew they were fine.

As I came up to one of their enclosed forts, I heard their voices, and yes I was a peeping mom!

I heard Jess giving directions. She was the oldest and always the bossiest. She was telling them it was important to take off all your clothes to have sex. I laughed to myself at her voice as she was being an “adult.” Deciding it would be entertaining to watch, I quietly slid up to the edge of the fort and found a peephole to watch them.

She told them to disrobe and then to start kissing. Of course, they were very young, so they had no clue how to kiss other than a quick peck. Jess, believing she knew how, told them to let her show them the “right” way to kiss. She leaned into James and as she did, she opened her mouth to him. He yelled, “Ewww, why is your mouth open?” I couln’t believe how fun it was being a peeping mom!

She explained that adults kiss with their mouths open and their tongues touching. James and Liz said they did not want to do that. Jess told them to be like adults during sex they had to. I was quietly roaring with laughter. The two younger kids agreed to do what Jess said. So again, they moved in to kiss and opened their mouths. It was a slobbery mess and so cute. Oh, the moments that give me great GILF phone sex abilities!

Then she explained that they must start to touch each other.

First, James started rubbing Liz’s arms and Jess pointed out she meant her private areas. So, he moved his little hand to her tiny mosquito bite nipples. He moved his hand over them and she laughed and said it tickled. Then, Jess had them lay down. She told Liz to touch James’ peewee and he instantly liked that. He told the girls it felt good. Jess told Liz she saw mommy put her mouth on daddy’s peewee. I was blown away by the fact that she had been watching us. She was ready to be more involved with my husband and me in our family sex stories.

Liz put her mouth on Jame’s dick and he moaned. He was in heaven and loved every minute. Then, Jess, had him put his mouth on Liz’s pussy. She said it tickled but also felt good. James also started touching her pussy and slid his finger inside her. She moaned and told them that felt good. So being a peeping mom was so strange and yet so enjoyable.

I watched for quite some time as they continued to explore their bodies and learned what felt good and what did not. None of them liked the anal play at this point. Their tiny little assholes weren’t ready for that yet. They had so much fun together. When they had finished, Jess told them they had become more “grown” up. I had to move quickly not be seen by them. I had loved watching them, peeping mom at it’s best, but did not want them to know I had been there. These are the moments that made a proud mother!

Peeping Mom