Growing up in a “family play” household was super fun. My siblings and I chose to continue the tradition with our kids. In doing so we also shared our kids, as our parents shared us in the family. We had lots of play time with our cousins and the parents. It was so much fun, so why wouldn’t I have aunt and nephew sex.

As I mentioned we shared the kids in our family just like our parents shared us. First, the kids interacted together and got used to their bodies. Once they were old enough to enjoy the sex, they were brought into full-blown sexual activity with us parents. My kids loved their aunts and uncles. Every time they got to go for sleepovers, they knew it meant “special” play time.

My nephews and nieces were the same way and loved our time together.

The kids had lots of exploring to do with each other. They were similar in age and lots of cousins. I had 3 kids, my brother had 5 and my sister had 5. So, discovery time was first and as I have mentioned before I was a peeping mom. I loved watching the kids during their adventures into learning their bodies and how to please each other.

We had a nice house with a huge yard and woods. My siblings also had nice properties, so the kids had lots of places to go and experiment and play. With their great imaginations, they created many fun and naughty games with each other. With such freedom, all the kids turned out kinky. My nephew may have been the kinkiest.

He always had a ferocious sexual appetite and I did not hesitate to start the aunt and nephew sex.

Mike was aggressive from the start. He was competitive in school and played many sports. His handsome good looks made him a popular guy as he grew older. While he was developing, I could tell he had a lot of potential, and put in extra time and attention on him. I wanted to be able to guide him to make the most of his skills. My sister felt the same about my son and they also had aunt and nephew sex.

Being able to guide him allowed me to make him into a great sex partner for his auntie. He loved to do crazy kinky things and the wilder I suggested the more in he was. His big dick made it more fun for everyone involved. Mike wasn’t afraid to venture into any kinky experience I suggested. If I brought in men from elsewhere, he was game, ladies from my bridge club he said yes!

Mike loved any and all things sexual and he had no limits.  

This allowed for so much fun and made for great times. It also gave me tons of experiences for GILF phone sex. All that we tried, only gave me more and more knowledge so that I now provide the best of service to my callers! My time with Mike was fucking incredible and I have to say I still enjoy our time together.

That is right, Mike and Aunt Frankie still get freaky on the regular. The only difference now is that Mike brings the kinky to the table. He has a job that takes him all over the world and he brings home new and fun things for us to try. Sometimes he brings home new people for us to try. I love that he continues to widen his experience and brings me so much pleasure.

Mike loves to whip that big cock out and show the world. I am grateful I get to play with him and that dick still. We have so much fun. He still has no limit and loves it when we fuck with multiple partners. He can give and take without hesitation. Mike is so handsome and fun, I love that we still play to this day.

Aunt and Nephew sex