I appreciate that our family is all about free love. The first experience for my siblings and I was with our parents and each other. My parents were loving and kind, most of the time as we created family sex stories. At the beginning of our transition to adult love, we may have required more aggressive tactics to help us see how good it could be for us.

When I was very young, my brother was early teens and my sister was even younger than me, our parents had us take our bath and instead of getting dressed we were brought into their bedroom. My mother loved her bedroom and it was so beautiful. She had gorgeous curtains, bedding, pillows, and floral wallpaper. It was like a comfortable pink indoor garden. They had us sit on the bed as they explained to my sister and I it was our time to transition. Some folks might refer to our transition experiences as incest sex stories.

My brother had been having sex with my parents for a while.

We had peeked in as my parents had sex and I had even watched when they had my brother join them. I was excited to be a “grown-up” in the ways of love. They said to watch them as they kissed passionately and to try it with each other. We fumbled with each other as we experimented with our lips and tongues. It felt funny at first but then, it made me feel warm inside.

Then we were instructed to start to touch and discover each our bodies. My sister and I looked at our brother and his penis. We were very curious as we each touched and squeezed it. He guided us to be gentle and showed us how he liked it. It was fun to watch it get hard and grow. We both giggled and loved watching as we stroked it to make it grow. Then my mother took his penis into her mouth. She showed us the right way to suck on it and please our brother. Little did mother know she would give me material to soar at GILF phone sex.

Watching them made my little pussy wet!

Once he came, my mother had my father get undressed and we got to use our new skills on his big cock. Compared to my brother, his cock was a giant. In time I would learn it was a huge cock by all standards. All three of us kids took turns stroking and sucking my father’s dick. He moaned and moved his hips in sync with our motions. It was fun to see his thick cock grow and his ball sack as it got super hard.

As he came close to climax, he let mother know. She got down on her knees and he shot a huge load of cum on her tits. Then they told the 3 of us to lick her tits clean. We did as we were instructed and then sat back to wait for the next fun experience. My father told me to lay on my back at the edge of the bed. I was so scared and held my sister’s hand. As he and brother tried to position themselves between my legs I squirmed and fought to keep my legs closed.

They would not take no for an answer!

Finally, my father brought out his belt, he gave us each 2 whacks on our thighs. They knew it would hurt but they still force us to obey and open our legs. Then my father instructed my brother to help him force my legs open. By now I was crying and begging for them to stop. Once they forced my legs apart, they touched my pussy with fingers and then tongues. It was exquisite to feel them licking and running their tongue between my pussy lips and on the little nub, which I now know is my clit. Writhing and moving my hips toward their mouths, it felt so good.

I let go of my sister’s hand as I crossed to enjoyment and pleasure. I was in pure heaven as they changed to lovingly caressing and touching me. Once my sister saw it was okay, she let mother do the same to her. Then my sister and I got to do the same to mother. She laid back on the bed and we got between her legs. We used our small hands to pull apart her beautiful pussy lips. Then our little tongues began to tickle her pussy. She was moaning and moving around and suddenly, she cried out and this creamy substance appeared. Together we lapped it up and enjoyed every drop.

This was just the beginning of the fun we would have and I would be able to pass on this tradition too with cousin sex stories. Our first night ended exhausted and spent. My siblings and I slept the sleep of the dead after our first experience with family sex stories.

family sex stories