As I have mentioned before, my cousins and I were very close-knit. We lived within close distance of each other and we spent a lot of time together. Due to these “close” times, there were a lot of cousin sex stories that took place!

I have had a cousin sex story or two. One such story happened while we were doing chores at my grandparent’s farm. My cousin Julia and her brother, Seth was with me. We were in the barn after feeding the animals out in the fields. Being in puberty, we all were very horny teenagers. It was a gorgeous sunny day and a perfect place for more experience to help me with GILF phone sex.

Time spent with these two led to another of my

naughty cousin sex stories.

We had just driven back from the fields and parked the tractor and trailer in the barn. Sitting there we were just gossiping about the kids at school and other town happenings. Seth asked me if I was going to go out with Bobby, one of the football players. I told him I was thinking about it. He said, “I can tell you he has a huge dick.” Well looked like Bobby and I had a date with destiny.

Julia said she didn’t care about such things. At which point, Seth mentioned she liked his big cock. I smiled and looked at them both. They blushed but then we all started laughing. Seth asked me if I wanted to see his big dick and I said, “Yes!” Oh readers, you know I love any bi-sexual interaction, playing with each other until we climax.

We hopped down and moved to the tack room. Julia grabbed something and put it down as a pallet on the floor for us. The three of us started kissing and touching each other. Julia’s lips were so soft and tasted like peaches. Seth was a good kisser which surprised me. Slowly, we undressed and laid down on the floor.

Young teenagers having the time of their lives!

As we lay on the floor we were entwined with each other. Kissing, tasting, and fucking. It was an insane afternoon and I came so many times, I was exhausted when we were done. Seth’s cock was so nice and big. He was very good at fucking and we made use of that dick quite well. Julia and I enjoyed the taste of each other’s pussy. She made me come so hard I felt the earthquake. It was such an unforgettable time for us all and helps me with ageplay phone sex. We agreed we had so much fun that we would continue to be with each other when we could. Over the years the threesome continued and learned so many things from each other.

Cousin Sex Stories Frankie