Pathetic sissy girl… Today we continue the story of a sissy girl. The pathetic creature that we call Violet. As you may remember, she is always very eager to embrace her sissy submissive nature and wants to try so many things. Violet had suggested that I write about her in my blog and I thought that was a great idea! I promised to write all about her and publish it so everyone could know how much of a pathetic sissy girl she is! Violet loves to be humiliated and can’t get enough of being degraded for being a sissy. So let’s continue to enjoy Violet’s inadequacies together!

A Stealth Pathetic Sissy Girl

Nobody knows about Violet’s true nature. Nobody but us, anyway. We know she likes panties and lingerie but does anyone else? Of course not. I may have been a bit harsh when I called him a coward sissy girl. But, in my defense, it was only after learning about a big fantasy of hers – one that she has never acted on.

You may remember that violet got off hard on the thought of other people listening in to our calls. And that she loved asking for my help in facilitating strangers finding out about her pathetic sissy girl side. And if you recall, she didn’t really care who heard her talk about her sissiness. My friends, random people working outside my house, other girls here at Phone Sex Kingdom, etc.

But that’s not all – Violet fantasizes about her family and friends finding out about her kinks. Maybe through social media, maybe through her browser history, maybe an ill-timed door opening or just maybe me telling them for him LOL. But of course, she has never acted on this. She is afraid to show anyone her true nature but thinking about it sure does make her little clitty hard!

So Many Types of Sissy…

Violet is not just a sissy girl or a sissy boy or even a pretty princess slut – she is also a sissy fag! I know this because Violet loves to suck cock. Like, a lot. And not just one cock at a time. That’s not nearly enough cock for Violet. She wants to suck cock at a glory hole. And she wants to get fucked at glory hole too. She dreams of lines of men waiting to use her holes.

Violet wants to swallow as much cum as she can. And go home with an ass full of cum dripping out of her pretty little hole too. Or, even better, instead of dripping out her hole would be corked with a butt plug, holding the cum inside for as long as she can. In short, she wants to be thoroughly used.

And speaking of cum, Violet even proposed that she eat her own cum on our call. Even going so far as to suggest that she cum into a cup and drink it, not wasting a single drop. Predictably, she did neither of those things.

And finally…

Violet desperately wants women to control her. She very much wants to serve them, suffer for them, be a slave to them, cook, clean and in general be at their beck and call. She believes that women are superior to her inferior, pathetic sissy girl self. And she wants to kneel down and worship them. I told her that with me, she would have to beg for everything she wanted. From licking my feet to serving all of my needs and cleaning up cream pies.

And after Violet cums for me… after all of the sissiness, the cock loving fantasies, the begging and groveling, the exhibitionism and everything else, he is back. The man who called me that first time. The man who disappeared into Violet the pathetic sissy girl was back. Until, of course, he got horny again and let himself feel pretty once more.

Thanks for sticking around to find out how my story of Violet the pathetic sissy girl ends. Well, this story ends but hopefully Violet continues to come out to play with me many more times!one pathetic sissy girl

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