I love my PIC – Partners In Crime to the End!  There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for one another. Russ is about 13 years older and a lot more experienced in being evil.  Let’s just say – I had a good teacher. Russ is one sick bastard who likes to take charge of pathetic little losers. A man after my own heart! I think that’s why I like him; he’s just as naughty as I am. He found Lisa few days ago, she’s a daughter of one of his co-workers, but she has “behavioral issues”, which is code for bratty 15 year old that needs her ass kicked.  <shaking head> Little cunt that needs me to whip her in shape.  She was hanging out in the park smoking when Russ came across her. They talked, he told her that I had a spare room she could crash in and brought her to me. He knows, I don’t want some kid hanging around, but he cut me off and said “Look at her: she’s young, pretty and needs money.” That’s how Lisa became our little fuck toy.

We told Lisa she could stay, but that she had to earn her keep. She really didn’t understand at first, but she was a fast learner. <wicked lil laugh> Girl’s afternoon started with me primping her up – trashy red lipstick, fake eyelashes coated in heavy mascara, and my trashiest outfit to wear.  When I was done I took a look at her. Not bad. She had on a short skimpy black leather skirt and a red halter top. I paraded her in front of Russ. He shook his head in approval. “She looks perfect, but can you get the job done?” he stated.  I don’t blame him,  he had to make sure she was capable of sucking off a cock like a nasty little whore. She looked at me and I said “Go on. If you can’t do it for someone you know, how are you going to do it for a stranger?” She undid his zipper and pulled out his dick, then licked her lips. Lisa licked around his head and along his shaft, covering him with her spit. She then took him in her mouth and began to suck him, making little moans in the back of her throat, as he held her head.  That wasn’t enough for Russ. He pulled her down and made her suck him off.  Actually, she didn’t just suck him like a good girl.   He skull fucked her.  The tears were streaming down her face. Black streams of mascara dripping down her face.  Russ shot his load like a stallion. She choked, as she tried to swallow it. Russ was going to help her practice blow jobs after work.  I helped break her holes in the meantime. Her little white cotton panties were drenched by the time I raped her holes.  Lisa became well acquainted with my 10 inch black strap on and double headed dildo.  Her tight little holes were my daily playground of pleasure.  Slipping my double headed dildo into her holes – force fucking them over and over til she would lose control.  By the following week – she was an expert at swallowing loads of cum and fucking like a nasty little whore.   She was going to be an easy sell – horny older men, anyone who had money to pay to play!

Pay day – money always burns a hole in a man’s pocket.  Friday afternoon, Russ took her to a spot he knew downtown and made her stand on the corner. He exposed her like whore.  Left her on the corner for everyone to see. We watched from a distance, keeping an eye on her, but able to make a getaway if she got picked up by the police.  Lisa made the perfect little corner slut.  She worked it. She stood there, sticking a hip out – teasing with her long legs.  Leaning back slightly to expose her perky young tits.  She was an afternoon delight for any hot and horny man.  It wasn’t long before someone stopped and she went over to them. A minute later she was in their car. Fifteen minutes later she was back and wiping her mouth off with her hand.  “Good girl” I said to Russ.  “A lady always swallows – you taught her well.”  After a while, another car pulled up.  Behind the tinted windows, I could see he was a black male.  She sold herself like a little whore, leaning across the car.  Showing off everything she had to offer.  She was longer this time. I noticed her stockings were a bit ripped when she got out of the car. I could only imagine how hard he fucked her with his Big Black Cock — BBC slipping in and out of this little white whore.  He left her cunt dripping with cum. We watched for a few hours, as car after car pulled up to get a piece of her. She was going to be a profitable little cum dumpster. I’m not surprised, everyone loves fresh meat that’s young and tight.

At the end of the night Russ drove over to her and she got in the car. I asked her how it went and she said “Okay I guess.”  She handed me the bundle of money she’d made. I counted it, gave her $20 then split the rest between me and Russ. She whined about how much she got but I just told her “Look you’re the one that’s nothing – nothing but a hole for sale. We are the ones who own you!! So shut the fuck up and be grateful that I gave you anything. I expect more tomorrow so maybe you should start work earlier and get a few more customers.” She was our new whore for hire.

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