Pantyhose Fetish- Ejaculating on Silky Smooth Legs Part II

Pantyhose Fetish. You drop to the floor blowing hot air on my exposed ass and pussy. My skin erupts in goosebumps as I feel your teeth nip the sensitive skin of my butt cheek. I bite my bottom lip in anticipation; I let out a deep moan as I feel your wet tongue on my ass licking deep in my forbidden hole.

Your large hands move up and down my leg squeezing and rubbing. You love the feel of my long thick legs covered in sexy stockings. I have always been aware of your pantyhose fetish, and have taken great pleasure in teasing you every opportunity I got. Like that time I “accidentally” spilled white lotion on my legs, and asked you to help me clean up.

As if reading my smug thoughts you start tongue fucking my ass more and more aggressively, my legs start to shake and I feel a hand slip in between my pussy lips roughly rubbing while your other hands find my clit and pinch it tight.  I scream from the intense pleasure. My orgasm is so intense I passed out in sheer bliss. My legs give out, but you are there holding me steady.

You take my limp body and once again bend me over the table.

This time, however, there is no delay and your fat long cock is shoved deep in my pussy.  I clench around your cock in tight spasms. At first, I think they are just aftershocks of my intense orgasm, as you pound my pussy faster and harder the shocks get more fervent. I start to pant like a bitch in heat waiting for my second orgasm to take me.

To be continued…

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