Pantyhose fetish boys have more fun with lingerie.

A pantyhose fetish makes all my lingerie shopping worth it! My fuckbuddy goes absolutely wild when I come home in a new pair of stockings and panties. He loves feeling my silky panties, and running his hands down my thighs to trace along the stockings. They feel amazing to him, but not as amazing as when he strokes his cock against me. He likes to have me bend over in front of him, and sometimes he’ll come up behind me and stroke his cock between my cheeks. That way, he gets to feel my stockings and panties, as well as my warm little pussy underneath. The man absolutely loses his mind when I come home in a sexy new outfit..

And of course, I love to show off for him.

I’ll walk around and strut in the bedroom all day and night. He loves the surprise of coming home to see me talking on the phone, leaning against the counter, and showing off my new panties. He’ll run his gaze up and down my legs, taking in every detail of the lace, every detail of my stiletto heels.. He simply can’t stay away once  I’m showing off like that – he closes the distance and his hands go straight to my thighs. He’ll fiddle with them, toying with the idea of taking them off with his tongue. However, you know he won’t. You know he’ll have me keep them on as he slips my panties to the side, and slides his thick, hard cock inside me from behind.

I can’t resist the thought, either. Doggystyle is my favorite.. So you know I love to play the game just like that. I love to tease him so much that he can’t resist it, he has to kiss my neck and fuck me against the counter, right then and there. We often play around with a little quality phone sex, too. If he can’t get me all to himself one night, he’ll still call for a little late-night flirting and some taboo fun..

Come play with me. Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

Craving a little taboo phone sex, baby? Tell me all the dirty little secrets you can’t tell anyone else..