There’s always something to play with when having pantyhose fetish fun. 

I mean, there’s a lot of ways to play; I especially love when my pantyhose get ripped during my pantyhose fetish fun. Other ladies would rather keep the hose on and let them get soiled rather than waste their money, and that can be just as fun. After all, there’s nothing quite as much fun as putting pantyhose on and having it be the star of the show, you know? 

I always have to start with a shave before my pantyhose fetish fun. The reason is simple. See, after a shave, my skin is smooth and much more sensitive. So not only do I feel the slide of pantyhose, but I feel sexier, too. It’s a win-win in terms of sexy. I feel sexier, therefore, I act sexier.

Nothing is more fun than trailing my pantyhose clad legs up and down other items. Since the sense of touch is now covered in satin, everything feels nicer. And I love sheer stockings; they just somehow fit the nicest and show off the best. Plus, easier to rip! That’s a big plus for me. 

Fishnets are fun, and thigh highs are seductive. But full sheer top hose gets classy and nasty at the end of the night. For me, there’s no better way to gauge how well I’ve seduced a man. If my hose doesn’t have holes (try saying that five times fast) and isn’t stained in cum, I need to work on my game. 


I mean, the best part about pantyhose fetish fun is how the pantyhose feel, right? And there are so many different kinds. For example, I love the soft, silky smooth of regular pantyhose. Not only on my fingertips but also on my freshly shaved legs. When I put my foot inside, and the pantyhose glides up my leg, there is no smoother feeling. In fact, it gets me very, very heated to know how sexy I look.

I mean, when you think of sexy, you think of the works: fancy hair, bright red lips, heels, and black pantyhose. My fancy hair will cascade down your back in curls while I bend you over; my bright red lips will suck hickeys on your neck, and what better way to feel how I climb on you than by experiencing silk against your own legs? 

I mean, I know pantyhose aren’t silk. But damn if they aren’t smooth enough to be so. 

And it takes just a few moments to rile someone up. To slide my sheer stockings over their thighs under a table, and let them feel exactly what I could promise them. Or to pull them out in the car, presenting my legs like a well-wrapped gift. It’s easy to ask a man to see if he can feel any runs in my hose. Soon after, his hand seems to find its way upwards towards my thigh. 


Fishnet hose are really fun in sex. They give my partner something to grip onto while he fucks me; something to find purchase in as his fingers close down around my ass, hoping to hold me in place. There are fewer tears, and if something does tear, the entire leg doesn’t go down with it. It’s a good system, and good for gripping when I want to have rough sex and be thrown around. That’s where fishnet really shines.

However, my regular hose tells me how much I’ve turned the other partner on. From the holes in my pantyhose, I can see how much I’ve revved him up. For example, a run means he gripped me tightly. A little spot might tell me how much precum he had while I ground against him. Or, like in my flight attendant sex adventures, a soiled foot means someone came quite a lot. So my hose isn’t just about sexiness. It’s also a unit of measurement. 

And many know how to ruin my stockings quite well. They’ll have my foot over their cock, reveling in the sensations it causes them. They’ll beg me to put my stockinged foot over their face, or their balls, just to get a moment of that sensation. 

Of course, I let them. After all, that’s what pantyhose fetish fun is all about. 


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