Pantyhose fetish is defined and getting aroused by the feel and smell of pantyhose.

Pantyhose fetish, a lot of males have a pantyhose fetish and prefer their women to wear pantyhose. When a woman is a work wearing them, he can fantasize about her wearing them as the silky softness caresses their legs. hugging her butt. Guys who have a pantyhose fetish will get hard throughout the day just thinking about it.

Thinking about going home to her just to touch and rub them.

Undress her leaving only the pantyhose on and he dry humps and grinds his hard cock on them. Alpha males will sometimes demand that their female wears them 24/7. They even want them to have them on during the night when they are sleeping. This is how alpha males dominate themselves over their female partner.

Nowadays the pantyhose fetish has been taken to the next level.

Some guys could care less if their girlfriend or wife wear them. Just as long as they have them in a drawer. I never knew Michael had a pantyhose fetish until I caught him. Not knowing I was coming over he wasn’t prepared for me when I walked in the house. He was there on the couch laying down watching a football game on tv. This was not anything out of the ordinary I actually expected to find him right where he was.


Today he was wearing nothing but a pair of pantyhose. I think my mouth dropped and hit the floor. He was so embarrassed when I walked in and caught him. My boyfriend is a fucking little sissy boy with a pantyhose fetish. I am not sure if I can live with pussy for a boyfriend. But before I move on I need to take some sexy pictures of him.

Just for blackmail reasons.

You never know when you need them. If you want to know what happened between Michael and me after I caught him I will tell you. Call me and we can have taboo phone sex.

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