Naughty girl confessions.

Hi, let me introduce myself, My name is Eve and I would like to welcum you to my garden of sin. This is your safe zone, I do not judge. My garden has no taboos and no limits. Anything we play here will stay here. Don’t be shy, tell me what you like. I will tell you what I like. Here are my naughty girl confessions.

Confession #1

I always play with my pussy while we have naughty phone sex. I love hearing all your fantasies and fetishes. The naughtier the better. My pussy gets so wet, sometimes I even get my vibrator out when we talk. I can sometimes make myself cum 2 to 3 times a night when talking to you. Our roleplay calls turn me on. Do you want me to be your hot teacher, the teenage babysitter, your mom, or I will be the random girl walking out of the bar that you grab and rape. I will also be your 3rd in a threesome. Get your wife or girlfriend to do a call with us and we can have so much fun.

Naughty girl confessions #2.

It really turns me on when I can watch you play. I love my Skype calls. All penis turns me on. Black, white, big, small, circumcised, uncircumcised. They all make me cum. I want to play with my pussy while I watch you stroke that cock of yours. It turns me on so much. Does it turn you on too?

Naughty girl confessions #3.

To know that you are wearing my panties or pantyhose, oh my, my pussy is getting wet right now just thinking about it. For some reason, a panty-boy turns me on as much as watching a guy suck another guy’s dick. Do you like to wear panties? Can we get matching panties? Now that you have heard my naughty girl confessions I am ready to hear yours. Bring me your naughty man confessions. I want to hear your gay fantasies, your pantyhose fetish, maybe some ageplay phone sex. Bring it on, All naughty talk is welcum.

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