Panty fetish spells disaster for one coed dorm.

Panty fetish pervert is on the loose!  Ladies, as the RA of this Co-Ed dorm, it has come to my attention that several of you have had your panties go missing in the past few weeks.  You’ve left your laundry to run in the basement while you went to class only to return to less than half of those beautiful delicates.  The laundry room isn’t the only place we know that this theft has occurred.  This thief also helps himself to dirty panties from others’ rooms and when someone steps into the shower.  Why, just the only day, I had a long, hard workout at the gym and went to go shower.  I heard someone come and go and, when I was done bathing, both my clean panties that I was going to put on AND the dirty ones I had taken off were gone!

And yes, we know it’s a he.

Prepare your ears, ladies because here is where it gets gross.  It has also come to my attention that a few of our panties have been found…covered in cum.  Sometimes they’re covered in a fresh load pooling right at the pussy part.  Other times, the panties have been abused over days, if not weeks, and are stained with jizz shot after jizz shot.  This was the fate of my gym panties.  They’d been cummed in so many times that the pussy part was actually warped from being jerked off into so much.  I loved those panties.

We WILL Hunt You down

To the pervert who keeps defiling out belongings, you WILL be found.  The other RA’s and I are hard at work on this mystery.  Our panties deserve better than his.  And, once we find you, you WILL be sorry.

Do you know who that panty thief is?  Are you a fan of dirty sex stories?  Call my phone sex line for even more!