Panty fetish landlords; What’s a college girl to do?

Panty fetish landlord must have quite the collection right now. Sorry, I should start from the beginning. I moved into this awesome house of five tenants for next to nothing. The setup was perfect. It was four girls and myself living on the upper floors of this gorgeous victorian home. We all got along pretty well and everything was awesome. Well…not everything. When you’re in a situation this good to be true, there’s always a catch.

Our landlord lives in the basement and is a total creep.

He finds excuses to come upstairs and steals our panties when he thinks he’ll get away with it. Normally, this would be a big deal, however, when you’re paying $250 for rent, you tend not to want to mess that up. That’s what the other girls learned and I did as well. Let him have his fun, and we’ll continue to live for next to nothing.

I take revenge my own kind of way.

I make sure all of my panties are filthy when he comes around. My workouts are extra rigorous so that my panties really soak in that pussy sweat. Sometimes I wear my panties for days before washing them, too. And on weekends, I purposely don’t let guys use condoms so that I can let the cum in my pussy dribble into my panties just for him.

This kind of backfired, though. I didn’t realize how sick this fuck was. The girls are reporting less of their panties stolen while mine almost always go missing, only to turn up in the laundry room, stretched out and covered in even more jizz.  Eventually, my panties might not be enough for him.

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