Panty Fetish Hey? You know who you are.

Panty fetish is what my Caller and I have as our dirty sex stories tale to tell. On the outside, he looks like the regular guy walking down the street or working on the job. Little does anyone know his deep dark secret. He may even be wearing the panties now under his male attire. Feeling that rush he gets when he wears them. That sense of satisfaction. If he doesn’t have them on now he can’t wait to get home. Then he calls me for some instructions on what to do. And don’t forget, waiting in the mail there for him is the most beautiful nightie and panties a femdom phone sex boy could want.

You call me for our panty fetish call and the first thing you do is thank me for the beautiful clothes. You want to please me so you ask permission to put them on. I let you put the phone down and put me on speaker so I can hear you as you get dressed in fetish phone sex lingerie.  I hear the excitement in your voice as you tear open the package and get your first glance at the lovely items you ordered. Putting them on I hear you gasp as they fit you just perfectly and you look so lovely.

Panty fetish gets you off.

You tell me you love your new outfit and that your little cock or clitty as we call it is getting nice and hard. I have you start rubbing that clitty all over the inside of the silky panties. This just drives you wild as you rub it so gently and watch yourself in the mirror. Us phone sex girls like me really know how to make you go crazy with lust over watching yourself get all dolled up and everything. Feeling your nipples I have you touching yourself and playing with your new outfit. You continue to rub your clitty and the more you do it the harder it gets.