Pantyhose fetish? You know who you are.

The pantyhose fetish that overtakes your senses. You crave the soft silky feel of a stocking fetish as it clings to your smooth legs. I see you when you watch the sexy women walk by staring at their smooth sexy legs. I know that you probably have a pair on under your trousers and are just dying to let them out.

Let’s step into my lair so I can fulfill your every erotic sex stories need and get you all dressed in the perfect pair of nylons.

I have you undress from the waist down and see that your legs are bare. But not for long I tell you. As I go thru my lingerie drawer I pull out the sexiest pair of pantyhose for you to try on. Not the thigh high stockings I know that you do not like but the expensive kind of silky hose that cradle your manhood in sheer soft splendor. Sliding them over your feet I notice the hard on you are already getting.

Then as if you can’t wait for another second more I glide them up your legs and over your hips so that they fit snugly on your waist.

You feel the softness of them with your hands and your hard on becomes even stiffer.

It is then and only then that I allow you to take your cock and start rubbing it against the silky fabric. You giggle at the thought of going out in them makes you ache. You long for everyone to see your hot legs. Again you slide your hands over the sheer fabric making you ooze precum staining the sheer hose. I smile knowing that it won’t be long before you deposit your load deep into the recess of the material.

Suddenly you start to cry out and I know it is time.

Time for you to enjoy thoroughly the kinkiness of what you are doing by sliding your cock against your legs. Your lips spread into a wide grin as you watch your seed smear the pantyhose.

So, did you buy yourself that special pair of pantyhose this Valentines Day? Are you looking for the perfect person to share them with? Call me for some hot dirty sex stories with a pantyhose flavor.

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