A little feet fetish fun here and there makes everything interesting..

Feet fetish adventures always come off so innocent in nature. There’s he age-old stereotype of girls complaining guys don’t pay attention to their new haircut or shoes. Well, when one of my friends-with-benefits seemed to always know when I was wearing new heels.. I thought nothing of it. That is, until he requested I keep them on during sex one too many times. It seemed so innocent, that it didn’t click in my head until he was practically drooling over a new set of heels I bought. He had my legs over his shoulders, but he kept taking moments to really indulge in the details of the straps and the thin stiletto heel.

I swore, he was more in love with the heels!

I had to have fun with it, from that point on. Hell, I even poked a little fun at it, threatening that I’d make him wear heels for me, too. He seemed to perk up at the idea, but I wasn’t sure if he was really ready to be a sissy yet.. We’ll have to try that as time goes on! For now, he’s perfectly content and ecstatic to go shoe shopping with me. He picks out the heels he wants me to try on, and sits by patiently as I strut around. Sometimes, he absolutely demands that I take a specific pair home with me.. and I usually decide to wear those right out of the store, making him practically speed home.

He knows as soon as we cross that line and step inside my apartment, he’s going to go down to his knees, and kiss my toes the way he yearns to.

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