I Caught My Cousin Beating Off With My Panties Wrapped Around His Cock

When I was in my teens my cousins often came to visit for the weekend and slept over. My female cousin was like a sister to me, and my male cousin I liked a lot as well. But we weren’t as close. One time my female cousin was away at school so it was just my male cousin that came for the weekend. And I’d gone out to the movies with friends and he was there at the house watching t.v. and my parents had gone to bed. I came home a bit earlier than he expected apparently, since I walked into my room and saw him with a pair of my panties wrapped over his hard cock. And many pairs of my panties were strewn all over the bed. Obviously he had some sort of panty fetish and was indulging it in my absence.

C.J.  Has a cousin with a panty fetish


I Told Him Not To Stop And Let Me Watch

I was shocked, I couldn’t believe he would do this, but he was. And I opened my door all the way and he looked up at me, mouth agape. The pre cum was dripping from the tip of his cock onto my panties below all over my bed. I closed the door and told him he’d come this far, he was going to finish what he’d started. That sent his eyes widening at my request. I sat down in a chair across from my bed and told him to continue to masturbate with the panties. That it was obvious he had a panty fetish and I wanted to see him masturbate with them.


I Was Masturbating Along With Him

He paused momentarily, from shock I guess. And then re wrapped the panties that had fallen off the tip of his cock and started stroking with them. His breathing became heavier, his eyes half closed, he looked like he was in ecstasy. I was actually getting horny watching him stroke his cock. So I slipped my hand down my jeans and into my panties and found my pussy already wet.I began to circle my clit with my middle finger. He looked over at me and watched me rub myself. Though he could only see the motion of my hand moving in my pants.

My Cousin Had A Hell Of A Panty Fetish

He quickened his pace and was rubbing his cock faster and faster and I sped up rubbing my cunt too. And he was just dripping all over the panties on the bed. The ones he was working on the head of his cock were all damp with his pre cum. I was working my clit fast and hard as I watched his cock get pumped faster and faster. And I came so hard watching my cousin masturbate with my panties.

I’d never seen a guy with panty fetish masturbate with them, he was so aroused by them. All of a sudden jets of his hot cum were squirting all over my panties laid out on my bed. I’d have a lot of laundry to do the next day! He was totally drained after such a ball draining cum. He soon scurried out of my room and went to bed, and I cleared off my panty strewn bed and went to sleep and dreamt of his hard, wet cock.

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