Panty boy caught red handed

There he was standing there in a pair of my lace panties. It was in this moment I realized my nephew was in fact a panty boy. My nephew has no idea he has been busted by his aunt jerking off in panties. I watched him for a few moments. His cock growing harder, and getting bigger by the stroke. Then I just couldn’t let him think he was going to get away with it. When I pushed open the door I snapped a Polaroid of him, and watched him try and hide himself.  “Adam where did you get the panties?” He’s too ashamed to tell me they are mine. “You didn’t think I would recognized my own panties?” This time Adam apologizes and says he’ll give them back but when he started to pull them down I made him pull them back up. 

Hot Aunt gets payback

I decided to see how far Adam would go to for me to keep his panty fetish a secret. “Are you a panty boy Adam?” No ma’am he replies. Then I ask the big question, “Then what the fuck are you doing in my panties?” His head falls down and he’s looking at the floor with no reply. The Polaroid has came to full color and I show it to him. I explain no one has to ever see this but it’s all up to him. He nervously pleads with me and I entertain his pleas, for a moment. I find the matching bra and toss it at him. “Put it on.” He does as told. Then I grab a frilly skirt, pantyhose, and heels which he puts on. After dressing him up I grab a wig and do his makeup. He looked like the perfect sissy boy!

I taught him the sexy feminine walk, and changed his name to Annie. But I know the real reason he was snooping through my laundry. Adam, I mean Annie, has a thing for his sexy Auntie. I let Annie lick me and satisfy me for a little while. Then I grabbed my strap on and fucked Annie’s mouth, but thats not all I fucked. And when I looked down I noticed someone got their panties wet! What fetish phone sex desires do you have? Ready to push the limits? Not much of a panty boy? Then take a look at my anal sex stories.