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I love anal sex and it’s no secret. I’m completely open about my anal fetish. Getting ass fucked is probably my favorite way to get fucked. I’ll admit the first time was painful but the second time had me hooked. But this urge came just as my boyfriend had to leave for a trip. Luckily his friend Alan was there to give me what I needed. Alan usually comes by to check in on me while my boyfriend is gone. Because I wasn’t prepared he came over at a time I was most vulnerable. He walked in and saw me masturbating! I was really getting into it too. I’m extremely kinky when I play, I mean nipple clamps, butt plugs and dildos. Alan freaked out seeing my naked body and sex toys inside me.

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When I seen him run down the hall I grabbed my robbed and chased after him. Alan was sitting on my couch with his head in his heads just apologizing. I sat next to him, comforting him, innocently placing my hand on his thigh. What Alan saw had actually turned him on. I thought he was kidding but I noticed something when I looked down. It was a huge cock and hard as rock. I had no idea Alan was so big and because I was horny I could resist what came next. Grabbing Alan’s hand I placed it on my body. “It’s okay Alan go ahead touch me.” In the end  we are in my room and Alan is just as much of a freak as I am! He’s really into ass worship, ass licking, and anal sex.

We played around a little with my toys just for tease. Alan stuck my butt plug inside my ass while teasing me with my clamps and other sex toys. Then he took out the plug and stuck his big dick inside my ass. It was huge! I felt him stretching me the deeper inside he went. I’m on my back he has my legs over his shoulders. That ass fucking made me so wet. He rolls me over in a doggystyle position, and his balls are slapping my clit when he thrust. Is it wrong that I love anal sex with my boyfriends best friend? Call my phone sex hotline and tell me what a nasty whore I have been.