When it comes to masturbation, sometimes I love to give myself a spa night for pampering self pleasure. 

Look, princesses deserve to be pampered, and self pleasure is no exception; that’s why I like to engage in pampering self pleasure. I know I’ve talked of finger banging pussies; giving sex to myself rough and letting my hands go to town. But there are nights I like to give myself a peaceful, relaxing masturbation session. 

It starts before the bath. I like to treat myself to a spa day. I put on face cream and lotion up my legs and my arms. Additionally, I give myself a face mask. Next, I soak my fingers and then paint my nails. The whole process repeats with my toes. The whole point is to feel beautiful and sexy. If I don’t feel it, then there’s no point in calling this pampering self pleasure. 

Lighting a couple of candles, I make sure the room is fire safe before I head to the bathroom for a soak. I have a few bath bombs which are, admittedly, more relaxing for my eyes than my nose. The scents I love are usually cherry blossom or vanilla. 

And as expected, I now associate the scents with a night of masturbation, so of course, I start to get aroused! Luckily, I have a little waterproof clit stimulator to get me started. With a little buzz, I let it get to work while I enjoy soaking in the hot water… and I’m only making it hotter! 

Feeling Fine

When I’m out of the bath, and I dry myself with a fluffy robe, making sure I go over my legs, my arms, and my pussy. Even if my thighs are going to be soaked later, I absolutely need to dry off now. Water is no replacement for (natural) lube! Pampering self pleasure means taking care of myself now so that I have lots and lots of pleasure later.

I slip into something that feels light and soft against my skin— usually a teddy doll, which is like a sheer nightdress. A teddy doll allows my breasts to pop out when I need them to and doesn’t have anything covering the bottom. Which is a good thing, as I need access to my thighs and what lies between. 

So, this is where I am. I’m in my plus bed, clean, in makeup and lingerie. I’ve got a mirror to look at myself on the other side of the bed. The room is cool, and there are candles for me. I take one of my vibes and push it inside me, already wet with slick from my time in the bath. 

It opens me up quite well, even without the vibrations. It goes deep, and easily slides inside, pressing against my walls. With something that big, my hips move on their own, grinding against the toy. I try to take it as deep as it can, heat building within my hips. 

Then I turn the toy on. 

The Orgasms

This isn’t a simple vibrator I have inside me. It’s made to simulate thrusting and thrust it does. It’s made by Fun Factory, and damn, does it work well for my pampering self pleasure. It thrusts and pushes itself deep inside my pussy, pressing itself further and further in. 

It doesn’t take long before I’m pushing it with my hand even deeper. I want to feel it inside me; the only thing that would make this toy perfect would be if it could come. There’s nothing like that warm feeling of seed inside. But beggars can’t be choosers, and the toy thrusting against my inner walls itself is enough to bring me to climax. My toes curl in the sheets and I lift my hips up, involuntarily. 

And before I can come down, I fire up another vibe— this one on my clit. Rather than a slow build, this heat is like lightning. It flashes up and down my legs, into my abdomen, and I shake uncontrollably as my pussy pulses. 

My pussy squirts out wetness, soaking my comforter. But I can’t find it in me to care. Instead, I’m chasing the next orgasm. And I’ll chase the one after that. And after that.

This night is all about me.

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